Scooby Doo’s Deleted Drug Scene Explains Its Best Hidden Adult Joke

Controversial drug stunt removed from James Gunn script Rated LOW scooby doo Explaining the best hidden adult jokes in movies. Premiering on June 14, 2002, the film by director Raja Gosnell and screenwriter James Gunn represents the first live-action film. scooby doo The franchise, which sees Mystery Incorporated reunite after two years of separation, investigates strange events at the popular horror-themed tropical resort Spooky Island. Despite fervent criticism following its release, scooby doo Many of the adult jokes in movies from 2002 are still widely circulated to this day.

close to start scooby doo, when the Mystery Corporation gang boarded the Ghost Island plane, Furry (Matthew Lillard) sat next to the beautiful Mary Jane (Isla Fisher). Instantly enamored with his companion, Shaggy asks her name and he replies: “Like, that’s my favorite name. “This joke will become one of the most famous adult jokes hidden in children’s movies, scooby doo 2002 was filled with all sorts of other half-hearted nods that Shaggy was a drug addict.

However, the drug scene was removed from scooby dooR-rated version of Mary Jane jokes in a reveal youtube interview scooby doo JayBee & Milly editor Kent Beyda teamed up with smASH’s Ashton Hardy to unearth a hilariously descriptive scene from Beyda in which the camera zooms in on the mysterious machine to reveal a hint of content. Dung”Pot – $5‘, before going on to show Shaggy and Scooby (Neil Fanning) selling real clay vases for flowers. This cheeky deleted scene provides more context for why Shaggy loves the name Mary Jane so much, while also highlighting a few other jokes that made it to Gosnell’s final list. scooby doo 2002 edition.

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Is Shaggy the drug addict in Scooby-Doo?

this scooby doo In the 20 years since, the Mary Jane joke has taken on a life of its own scooby doo Having premiered in the country for the first time, the film has become immensely popular in contemporary culture through memes, social media and the ongoing Gosnell re-evaluation. scooby doo movies in recent years.the splendor scooby dooThe Mary Jane joke isn’t just for its simplicity, though, it’s also aided by other scenes in the film that show Gunn’s R-rated original footage. Musical Youth’s “Pass the Dutchie,” which plays as the camera pans over a mysterious smoking machine, is a more direct example, while Shaggy frequently suffers from paranoia, gluttony, and child tantrums. dog nicknamed Scooby-Doo”DolbyDu is paying homage to his role as Stoner in Gunn’s original screenplay.

Therefore, scooby doodeleted”potThe scene in the R-rated cut simply enhances the film’s best hidden Shaggy joke by serving as a blatant marijuana-related sign. In fact, it’s a shame that this element of James Gunn’s R-rated story is deemed too risky for a children’s movie, as the cans’ gimmick better captures the treatment. handle Shaggy’s drug addiction in the film. Over the years, audiences must have read the subtext and guessed that Shaggy was a scene from a drug addict movie, from which was born the popular modern media joke of Mary Jane, scooby dooA deleted R-rated drug scene better explains its best hidden adult joke.

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