Secret Invasion’s 10 Biggest Unanswered Questions


  • Secret Invasion episode 6 leaves many unanswered questions for the future of the MCU, including when Everett Ross was replaced by Skrulls and who the imprisoned humans are.
  • The fate of the Skrulls from Gravik’s compound is unclear, as they are not shown in the final battle in New Skrullos.
  • President Ritson’s declaration of war on all alien lifeforms raises the question of whether all alien species, including Asgardians, are condemned by humans in the MCU.

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Secret Invasion episode 6.Secret Invasion episode 6 wrapped up Marvel’s latest Disney+ series, leaving a handful of unanswered questions for the future of the MCU to answer. Secret Invasion‘s central premise focused on Nick Fury’s return to Earth after spending years in space in order to foil a covert invasion of Earth by a group of Skrulls led by Gravik. Along the way, Fury teams up with Talos and G’iah from Captain Marvel and Sonya Falsworth of MI6, all while attempting to deduce who he can trust when the enemy can take any form.

By the time the ending of Secret Invasion episode 6 came around, Fury, G’iah, and Sonya managed to defeat Gravik and his minions. Through foiling Gravik’s plan of starting a nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia, Fury fulfilled his goal of stopping the infiltration of Earth by vengeful Skrulls. However, the ramifications of Gravik’s attack meant that Secret Invasion‘s ending was left somewhat open-ended, leaving plenty of questions to be answered in the future of the MCU.

10 When Did Everett Ross Get Replaced By Skrulls?

While there is still some wiggle room regarding when Rhodey became a Skrull before Secret Invasion, one theory states that he has been impersonated since Captain America: Civil War. However, Secret Invasion also confirmed that Everett Ross was also replaced by Skrulls at some point in the MCU timeline. The last appearance of Everett Ross came in 2022’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, with that story ending with his arrest by the CIA and subsequent escape thanks to his Wakandan allies.

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With Secret Invasion then, many hoped the show would clear up exactly when Ross was replaced by Skrulls and confirm whether his appearance in Wakanda Forever was actually him or a Skrull impostor. Unfortunately, Secret Invasion episode 6 failed to provide this answer. Ross is shown waking up in New Skrullos, asking Rhodes how long he has been here. Rhodes stays silent, and he and Ross are escorted away from the Skrull compound without a concrete answer being given on how long either has been imprisoned.

9 Who Are The People Sonya & G’iah Found?

A man who looks like Quicksilver in Secret Invasion episode 6

Another of Secret Invasion‘s loose ends concerns Sonya Falsworth’s team-up with G’iah. After the two agree to help each other in the future, Sonya and G’iah are shown finding an underground cavern filled with hundreds of humans. These humans are laid on stretchers of some kind, covered in what seems to be Skrull technology. One of these prisoners in Secret Invasion looks like Evan Pieters’ Quicksilver, hinting at a big connection to Phase 4’s WandaVision.

Despite Sonya and G’iah finding these many imprisoned people, the show fails to outline who exactly they are. It could be the case that the imprisoned humans are more of Gravik’s servants, hinting that the titular invasion of Earth is not over. On the other hand, these people could be the humans that the one million Skrulls hiding on Earth have decided to impersonate. Regardless, the unclarity is frustrating, with the MCU hopefully having a plan to answer this mystery in the future.

8 What Happened To The Skrulls From Gravik’s Compound?

Gravik in Skrull form in MCU Secret Invasion

The final battle between G’iah and Gravik in Secret Invasion episode 6 takes place in New Skrullos. In the episode, only Gravik is shown in the compound, with the rest of his followers nowhere to be seen. While Secret Invasion episode 5 showcased a mutiny by Gravik’s followers, the Skrull General quickly snuffed this out. It could be the case that Gravik’s cruel nature caused the rest of the Skrulls to abandon New Skrullos, though this is not explicitly confirmed in Secret Invasion episode 6. As such, the question of where the rest of Gravik’s insurgents are remains after the end of the show.

7 Are All Aliens Condemned By Humans, Even Asgardians?

New Asgard in Thor Love and Thunder

Despite being saved by Nick Fury and Sonya, the ending of Secret Invasion episode 6 sees President Ritson declare war on all alien life forms on Earth. Rather than realize that most Skrulls simply want somewhere they can call home as Talos hoped earlier in the season, Ritson tarred all Skrulls with the same brush, assuming that every alien held the same violent, genocidal tendencies as Gravik. This raises the question of whether every alien species is now condemned by Earth or whether it is just the Skrulls.

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After all, many of the heroes of the MCU come from outer space. Thor and the Asgardians currently have a home in Norway as seen in Thor: Love and Thunder. Hopefully, future MCU stories will outline whether these people are also under fire from the American government, or whether Ritson’s threat applies only to the Skrulls.

6 Why Are The Kree Open To Peace Talks With Skrulls?

Skrulls Fighting Kree in MCU

Secret Invasion episode 6 features an Easter egg to Captain Marvel, with Fury stating that the Kree are open to peace talks with the Skrulls. This references the Kree-Skrull war featured in the 2019 film that caused the Skrulls to become displaced originally. Fury revealed that after over 30 years of war, the Kree are open to negotiating a peace treaty with the Skrulls. However, Secret Invasion fails to explain why this is the case.

Given the long-standing bad blood between the two races, an explanation as to why a formerly tyrannical species are now willing to talk about peace would have been welcome. Instead, it is likely that this is left for The Marvels. The villain showcased in The Marvels’ trailer is confirmed as a Kree warrior, which likely means the events of Secret Invasion will be mentioned in the MCU’s next feature film. Similarly, the peace talks between the Skrulls and Kree will also be answered in The Marvels, making it one of Secret Invasion‘s unanswered questions.

5 When Are Sonya & G’iah Going To Appear Next In The MCU?

Giah Emilia Clarke Sonya Falsworth

The ending of Secret Invasion promised a future team-up between Sonya and G’iah. The former intends to provide the latter with information and supplies now that humans have declared war on the Skrulls. That said, the lack of a post-credit scene in Secret Invasion did not give hints as to where Sonya and G’iah would appear in the future. One of the biggest problems with the MCU’s Multiverse Saga has been introducing characters like Eros, Hercules, or Skaar, and not detailing where they will appear next. The same can be said for Sonya and G’iah, in what is another unanswered Secret Invasion question.

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4 Will President Ritson’s Choice Tie Into Captain America 4?

President Ritson declaring war on the Skrulls in Secret Invasion episode 6

It was confirmed when Harrison Ford was announced as a cast member for Captain America: Brave New World that he would be playing Thunderbolt Ross, this time the President of the United States. As of the end of Secret Invasion though, Ritson remains in office. One hint is given at Ritson’s future when Fury labels the former’s choice to declare war on the Skrulls as “one-term-President stuff.” This could hint at Ross becoming the U.S. President in the near future, leading into Captain America 4.

3 Just How Powerful Is G’iah Now?

G'iah using Captain Marvel powers in Secret Invasion episode 6

Another element that Secret Invasion failed to answer is exactly how powerful G’iah is after becoming a Super Skrull. While she employed powerful abilities like Mantis’ empathy and Captain Marvel’s light powers, it was not made clear how big an effect the other DNA samples she was imbued with will have on her. G’iah was imbued with DNA samples from incredibly powerful beings like Thanos, Thor, and Valkyrie alongside the many others shown in Secret Invasion episode 6. This should make her the most powerful being in the entire MCU, though Secret Invasion did not exactly answer this and brushed past her immense new strength.

2 Will The Avengers Ever Learn About The Harvest?

Nick Fury with the Harvest in Secret Invasion with Captain Marvel and Groot in the MCU

The core plot MacGuffin of Secret Invasion was the Harvest, the sample of every Avengers’ DNA used by Gravik to perfect his Super Skrull machine. One thing that the show failed to answer though, is whether the Avengers will find out about the Harvest. It is difficult to see the Avengers being okay with Fury possessing their DNA, and they likely are not happy these samples were used to almost end the world. This was not addressed in Secret Invasion though, and may be left for a future MCU story to explore.

1 Will Varra Be In The Marvels?

Fury and Varra returning to space in Secret Invasion episode 6

Finally, the ending of Secret Invasion saw Fury return to S.A.B.E.R. with his wife Varra in tow. This begs the question whether Varra will play a part in The Marvels. Varra stated that she will go with Fury to space but only for a short time before returning to Earth. The Marvels could feature a time jump with Varra back on Earth, or Fury’s wife could play a role in the story. Regardless, Secret Invasion did not answer this question, leaving it up to The Marvels to outline where Varra will appear next.

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