See how a 6-year-old dog saves a dog in Hollister

A dog named Daisy has not lived in the house where she was adopted for only two months. The housemates tried to catch the dog but to no avail.

The dog’s attitude changed when a six-year-old girl approached it. Daisy lived a very difficult life until she was adopted by a loving family.

The dog did not stay here long and ran away from the place. The dog is lost. The dog does not eat all that is offered to him.

One of the neighbors named Toppers decided to get a dog because they were taking care of 75 dogs. They just want to save the dog.

The girl tried to win the dog’s trust in various ways. Daidy has been tested as a therapy dog.

Ava wants to share Daisy to comfort and show love to other children who are suffering like her. We’re sure these two will do just that and share years of a great friendship. Ava and Megan also share a close friendship and bond with each other because of their love for pets.

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