Shocking moment Nigel Farage has CEMENT hurled at him by yob in horrific attack on campaign trail – as man, 28, arrested

WHEN Nigel Farage was thrown a milkshake in Nigel Farage’s face by some grinning buffoon, it caused a storm in the Labor left madhouse.

“Work of art!” crowed one Corbynista commentator.

The social media platforms of Stand Up To Racism — chaired by Diana Abbott — were flooded with emoticons crying with helpless laughter.

And you can’t be surprised.

Would a milkshake shoved into, say, Diana Abbott’s face be as entertaining? Of course not. That would be outrageous!

But we’ve been here before.

“I’m thinking, why bother with a milkshake when you can get some battery acid?” joked comedian Jo Brand on BBC Radio 4 in 2019.

The BBC later ruled that Brand’s “joke” about throwing battery acid in a politician’s face “went beyond what was appropriate” – no joke! — but “it wasn’t meant to be serious”.

But in a country where politicians of both major parties have been assassinated in recent years, Brando’s comments sounded like incitement to violence.

In a country where the memory of Labour’s Jo Cox — shot three times in 2016 — and Conservative David Amess, stabbed in 2021, is still raw, the disparagement of a physical attack on any politician should turn your stomach.

It stinks of pious hypocrisy.

These are cowardly double standards.

I don’t hold a candle to Reform UK.

Every vote for Nigel Farage’s protest party is an act of national self-harm. Reform will not reform anything.

Your vote for reform means that for five years – or ten – we will be ruled by Keir Starmer and his cronies who pay high taxes and kneel.

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But I am sick of the bullying of Farage.

This ritual humiliation is counterproductive.

Is throwing a milkshake in Farage’s face meant to make him crawl away?

Not gonna happen, mate.

That milkshake has now sealed Farage’s success with the voters.

The bookies – always the most reliable of political pundits – say Farage has a chance of becoming Clacton’s MP in the General Election.

And with Reform battling the Tories in the polls, Farage can afford to laugh – cheerfully holding up a McDonald’s milkshake as if it were a pint of his beloved IPA.

I believe that the rise of Reform will be harmful to this country.

If the patriotic, pro-business right is divided, the patriotic, pro-business right will surely be defeated.

If, as the polls suggest, all those disillusioned ex-working-class Tory voters come over to the side of reform, then they will soon be living under a Labor government they will wholeheartedly despise.

I don’t think Reform will bury the Conservative Party in this or any other election.

Because I suspect that Reform’s talent base is thin and their motley crew of motley candidates will look a lot less attractive up close.

But that milkshake ensured that Reforma would have at least one representative.

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