You have the eyes of a marksman if you can spot the deadly sniper hidden in this snowy scene within 30 seconds

SOMEWHERE in this snowy scene, a deadly sniper is locked and loaded, ready to strike, but can you locate him within 30 seconds?

The mystery shooter has made sure that you are armed with the element of surprise as well as your deadly weapon in this shootout.


A deadly sniper is hiding somewhere in this snowy scene. You can see it? Credit: Simon Menner

Despite the fact that the image appears to represent an abandoned building in the middle of nowhere, there is a danger lurking in this winter forest.

The isolated wilderness and sparse trees proved to be the perfect hiding place for this gunslinger to take aim.

The sniper deftly blended into the surroundings as artist Simon Menner captured the incredible image.

An experienced photographer was given permission to observe the archers in action with the armies of Germany, Latvia and Lithuania.

He spent six years tracking snipers-in-training to capture their remarkable ability to blend into their surroundings.

Simon watched them help each other make their own “ghillie suits” using natural elements like leaves and dead grass to match each landscape.

His series of paintings, called Disappearing Act, appear at first glance to be tranquil and sometimes eerie landscapes, from sunny meadows to mist-shrouded mountains.

Despite the freezing temperatures, he managed to secure the money, which left people confused.

But you can escape with your life if you manage to locate the shooter in time.

For those who have been frustrated trying to figure out the location of the attacker, fear not, we have the answer.

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If you take a closer look at the shadowy building, you might notice something sinister lurking in an upper story window.

The cunning sniper hid in plain sight, as seen in the following image below.

Simon said he found the fan reaction to his stunning photo “fascinating”.

He told WIRED: “In a way, the interesting part is when the story is happening in their heads.

“They’re looking for snipers and they think they’ve found them, but then they start questioning themselves. I find that fascinating.”

We previously challenged readers to spot the world’s most elusive sniper hiding on a mountain in this photo.

Or why not try to outwit these two archers huddled in the bushes of this grassy landscape?

The archer found the perfect spot in an abandoned building


The archer found the perfect spot in an abandoned buildingCredit: Simon Menner

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