Shonen Jump Cancels 2 More Fan-Favorite Manga

In the past month, in a week, Shueisha’s non-jumping Two manga titles have been canceled. While canceled titles are nothing new for a notoriously difficult magazine, canceled titles have a surprising lifespan, both outlasting the “make or break” tradition. broken” magazine’s infamous one year.

Culling begins February 19, 2023, official release non-jumping twitter account says High school family: Kokosi and ZuSJ’s staples since summer 2020 will end immediately with chapter 122, which, by the way, was just released the day before. Refused to continue after a few days, post next February 26, 2023 non-jumping The Twitter account featured another seemingly long-running series, PPPPPPIt will also end with chapter 70, which was released a few hours before the tweet

Junior Jump is cancelled high school family & PPPPPP

Given how competitive the comic book industry is and how few entries are “too big to fail”, it’s surprising that these two series are still being canceled after years of running, especially when they are launched without warning or sudden signs. stop in case production stoppage is in danger of being cancelled.

non-jumping It is always clear how it evaluates the value of a title. If it hadn’t been a blockbuster with countless fans, it probably wouldn’t have survived. In a 2022 blog post, Shueisha editor Yuta Momiyama, who oversees non-jumpingexplains their extensive use of surveys, polls, and reader feedback to determine public reception of titles. However, with high school family There are more than 100 chapters and PPPPPP With 70 chapters, it seems that “numbers” are on their side.

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These cancellations show that Shonen Jump has a replacement

With the focus on numbers, the most likely reasons for the title to be removed are non-jumping Their replacements have been found. Since the announcement and awareness of the end, such as Jiu-jitsu battleone pieceAnd my hero academy; non-jumping At least 10 new games have been released, with the latest coming out in January 2023. Quite a few fans think they’re doing this to find the “next big thing” to appease. the pain of losing some high-grossing game. They may also have found some headlines with enough impact to replace them, such as high school family And PPPPPP, non-jumping Don’t believe in a future.

There are several promising new crops. For example, Shinto Masaki glass dragon Despite publishing only six chapters and having been on an indefinite hiatus as of August 2022, it is still extremely popular. non-jumpingOwn MangaPlus website, new title The Inchinose Family’s Deadly Secret, Manufacturer 100And Sword Stone Well done, much better than any canceled title. maybe, from non-jumpingIn our opinion, these types of numbers make it easier to categorize games that are more mature but not so popular.

Source: Junior Jump (first), (2); Digital Lab Jump

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