Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Reveals She’s ‘Exclusively’ Dating New Man

brown kristen sister-inlaw Fans were surprised with a special announcement revealing that she had found a date with a one-of-a-kind man on Valentine’s Eve. Kristen and Cody Brown have been separated since November 2021 after years of a failed relationship. Since then, Kristen has moved back to Utah to be closer to her children and started all over again.

sister-inlaw Christine Brown shared some inspirational news with fans on her Instagram Story, announcing that she found her boyfriend during a confessional in her car. Wearing a bright yellow blouse to accentuate her radiant look, Kristen smiled as she shared with fans that she’s found A “wonderful and romantic” man.Christine also noticed “type” Her man was with his 12-year-old daughter Trulli, revealing that he was “Everything I was looking for.”

Kristen Brown’s Sister Wife Happier Than Ever

Despite Christine’s ecstasy, she and sister-inlaw Follower says she’s not ready to go public with her new man and wants to keep him to herself for a while “a little bit” longer. but kristen promised sister-inlaw Fans say that she will be posting pictures of her new man soon. Kristen ended her surprise confession, saying she’ll provide more information to fans later, but she “too excited.”

Does Kristen Brown want revenge on Cody?

A source close to the Brown family recently revealed that Kristen wanted to make her ex-husband Cody suffer. recently, sister-inlaw celebrity was posted “feel good” Along with her weight loss update, the source suggested it was all for Cody to realize what he’s lost. Fans will recall that Cody has publicly stated that he is no longer attracted to or intimate with Kristen over the past few years. Instead, Cody chose a younger wife.

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last season sister-inlaw Cody can’t seem to handle the breakup with Kristen well. The 18-year-old’s father lost his temper and accused Christine of defaming him to their children. The mother-of-six shared to TLC cameras that Cody wished she acted more like his fourth wife, Robin Brown, and followed him blindly. Fans will recall that Cody imposed extremely strict rules during the global pandemic and that most family members had a hard time following them. Thankfully, Kristen has chosen to leave the sacred marriage and try to find a man who truly loves her. Hope a new mysterious character will appear sister’s wife season 18, but Kristen has yet to confirm whether he will join.

Source: Christine Brown/Instagram

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