Sony May Have Just Given Us A First Look At Uncharted 5

Sony may only briefly outline the sequel unexplored seas The game was featured in the latest promotional video for PlayStation 5 – and the game could feature a new heroine. Before Crash Bandicoot Developer Naughty Dog introduced quick-witted treasure hunter Nathan Drake to players in 2007 Uncharted: Drake’s Fortunehas quickly become a must-have on PS3 due to its intense gameplay, exploration of ruins, and excellent writing. Three more main lines unexplored seas Since then, there have been several releases, a few spin-offs, and even a live-action film.

Sony recently released a new promo for PlayStation 5 on PlayStation’s official YouTube channel. An imaginative trailer showcasing a range of first-party PS5 exclusives that were released in the past year or will be released in 2023, including Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

A series of images quickly emerged, including an unidentified woman searching for a mysterious box in a dark cave. This hasn’t been tied to any official PlayStation games, but the relic-blowing character in the console-specific ad is largely hinting at a connection to the game. unexplored seas.

Naughty Dog may not work on an unknown new game

2016 Uncharted: A Thief’s End Considered the end of Nathan Drake’s treasure hunting adventures, it even ended with him settling into a quiet life with longtime love Elena Fisher. Since then, Naughty Dog has shifted its focus to this our lastco-chairman Neil Druckmann recently said that his studio is “aContinue” from unexplored seas In a recent series of interviews. However, while the studio that started it all might not be interested in the new season unexplored seas Take the risk that Sony is rumored to move forward with a new product unexplored seas A game from a new developer.

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Uncharted 5 may have a new protagonist

In the ending of Uncharted 4, Cassie stands between her parents, Nate and Elena.

based on the way discover 4 Finally, the unnamed blonde appearing in the latest PS5 trailer could be Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher’s daughter, Cassie Drake game. In the game’s ending, the player quickly takes control of a young Cassie as she explores her family’s beach house and uncovers the truth about what her parents did before she was born. go out. Cassie is still a teenager right now, so if the woman in the PS5 trailer is really her sister discover 5 Likely to happen years after the event The Thief’s End.

It has been suggested that the next unexplored seas The game could be a reboot of the series, but the most likely result is that the latest will see an older Cassie Drake carrying on with her family’s legacy as a treasure hunter. Sony’s latest PS5 ad doesn’t quite confirm the new part unexplored seas The game is about to begin, but for fans of Nathan Drake and his many exhilarating cross-world adventures, a brief scene of a Cassie-looking woman is exploring a grave It can be a harbinger of exciting things to come.

Source: PlayStation/YouTube

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