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What is it like to be a king? Let Me the King help you get to know this feeling in the best way possible. Start by finding someone who will serve you with absolute loyalty. Build the best facilities to help manufacturing operations thrive. Create many great products to serve people’s lives. You have complete control over the fun things that make people successful. Becoming a great leader is not as difficult as we think. Experience it for yourself to have a more specific view of it.

You may have heard of the very familiar farm building simulator game. However, Me is King brings a completely new color to create its brand. It’s about using images of prehistoric humans to create a unique way of playing. Activities are modeled after what our ancestors had. Of course, it will give us hours of extremely comfortable gaming experience. Fun activities make us excited. It is impossible to miss the great events that can happen in this game.

Download Me is King mod – Create a prehistoric world development

With super intelligence, you have been chosen to be the king of the wild world. It will be very helpful if you use their loyalty to build your kingdom. One is to build physical facilities for production activities. There should be a special division of labor for the servants. They will constantly strive to create necessary products such as food or ingredients. You can use what you earn to increase your population. The larger the population, the more productive activity there is. Take advantage of all this and live a better life than usual.

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farm life

Your main task is to keep the farm running in the best possible way. Sometimes what people do is not what you want. Help them work by correcting these mistakes. Help the hunter escape the danger of predators. Help the injured get timely and timely medical treatment. You can use the fast forward tool to speed up activities. This will help to get a decent amount of finished product in a short amount of time. Your influence will always make a real difference every day, so don’t be afraid to show your generosity.

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Decorate as you like

Living a daily life is too boring for a king like you. Do something to make the people pay their respects to the king. Use the money to build a sizable stone roof to paint your portrait on. Buy new clothes that people can wear and change. Place fountains and flower beds where you find them beautiful. After the villagers receive your favor, they will make offerings. Show your loyalty to the person who changed your life. This kingdom is yours, do whatever it takes to make it grow according to your will.

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help other tribes

Undoubtedly, there are other tribes that exist and thrive. You can make friends with them and help your teammates when they are in trouble. Provide food, food for people to develop faster. Send troops to help fight the invaders. Help build the necessary jobs to earn extra income quickly. Anything suitable can be done in the Me is King mod.

Download Me is King MOD APK for Android (Unlimited Resources)

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