Spirited Away Ending, Explained

by Miyazaki A fantastic story with a joyful and melancholy ending is The Realm of the Soul. The story of Chihiro, a small kid who becomes lost in the spirit realm and must find her way back to her parents, is told in Hayao Miyazaki’s eighth film, The nation of the soul. Chihiro and her family take a diversion at an abandoned amusement park on the way to their new home. While there, Chihiro finds trapped in the world of the spirits of Japanese legend, where her parents have been changed into pigs. The little child must locate a spiritual task in the bathhouse, find a way to escape Granny Tang’s grip, and free her parents.

The nation of the soul Hayao Miyazaki’s movies are not only among the finest of all time, but also among the best animated pictures ever created, having received the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature at the 75th Academy Awards. A character is named Chihiro. The elegant and serene protagonist claims that the journey in the spirit world is full of anxiety and terror, but typically not victory and bravery. According to the overarching theme of the film, each of the people she meets along the road is imagined and spoken by her, and each one teaches Chihiro a different lesson. Towards the end of the movie, Chihiro feels like she has matured, and she has succeeded in leaving the spirit realm.

What happens at the end of Spirited Away

last step The nation of the soul Watch Chihiro and her new spirit friends depart the bathhouse to go to Zeniba, the bathhouse’s identical twin. Kindness is shown to Chihiro in her Marsh Valley home. She was sad however, and it disturbed her that she couldn’t escape with her parents. Zeniba makes her feel better by giving her presents that she and her new friends made. Chihiro worried she was harmed at this same time, so Bai came to get her. Poh and Yubababird bid Zeniba and Faceless goodbye after their joyful reunion and then went back to the bathroom.

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When Chihiro returns, Granny Yu, all the ghosts, and other fabled creatures from the Realm of the Soul she met will be there to greet her. Ms. Yu administers Chihiro’s last examination; if she passes, her parents may go (otherwise, Chihiro will work at the bathhouse forever). Chihiro had to decide which pigs were her parents in order to pass the test and leave the spirit realm. She returned to the fair only to find that nothing had changed and that her parents had completely forgotten about her. Prior to getting into the vehicle with her parents, Chihiro took one last look at the playground.

How did Spirited Away and her family escape the spirit world?

Kamaji and the other bathhouse staff cheered from the rooftop of Spirited Away.

As a requirement for her recruitment, Chihiro is given the name “Sen” and is referred to as such when she begins working at Yubaba’s bathhouse. Sen will be unable to forget his real name when he returns to Earth. This explains why Bai has worked for Ms. Tang for so long. Identifying characteristics in the Land of the Soul. As each soul has a distinct identity, eliminating that identity might lead to difficulty. This idea of identification also applies to Yuma’s choice to put Chihiro to the test before deciding to let her go. Chihiro has to say who her parents are.

Mrs. Tang might not have even given Chihiro a chance to go if it weren’t for her son. The witch child was a pampered youngster at first, but after being made into a mouse and made to live with Chihiro, he changed for the better. Boh spoke for Chihiro and has some of the best quotes from Spirit Land. Chihiro knew none of the pigs were her parents as she observed them. It is unimportant. The soul’s home country The fact that she knows everything without knowing how is what matters. Chihiro is able to go back home since she has achieved self-actualization, knows who she is and who her parents are.

No Face’s Ending Mirrors Ending by Chihiro

Chihiro and No-Face on the Spirited Away train

No-Face, a mysterious ghost sporting a white mask, accepts Chihiro’s invitation to the bathhouse. Chihiro is kind to the silent ghost and thinks well of the girl. Faceless makes havoc in the bathhouse until Chihiro takes him out of the water to calm down. Strange person Zero Face The nation of the soul And yet another fascinating inhuman figure from Studio Ghibli’s cast. Chihiro’s journey is reflected in his character, and his plot connects to the movie’s main themes. At first, Faceless was portrayed as being alone and without a name. But once Chihiro welcomed him, he began making gold presents and having fun in the baths.

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Faceless Man is also a stranger in the bathroom, in addition to Chihiro. But, it’s clear that he doesn’t belong here since using the bathroom transforms him into a monster. Faceless lacks recognition, much as Chihiro struggled when she forgot her name. Chihiro’s loneliness is also represented by the faceless. The nation of the soul The fact that they sit together on the train shows how similar their personalities really are. The character No-Face represents what would occur if Chihiro lost all of these things, and her quest forces her to face her loneliness and sense of self.

How did Chihiro help Bai at the end of Spirited Away?

White as a dragon in Spirited Away

Shiro, one of Chihiro’s few friends, works in the bathroom at Tombaba. Mrs. Tang had long already acquired Bai’s name, and he was unable to recollect it in time to escape. As Haku scoops Chihiro up from Zeniba’s house in his dragon form, Chihiro remembers something (one of the most intelligent characters in the world). The soul’s residence (The Land Cannot Recall). Chihiro recalls being abandoned in a river and having help arrive. When it was determined that Amber River, the name of the river, was really Bai’s true name, he was freed from the contract.

After Yubachang changed her name to Xian, Bai was the one who reminded Chihiro to remember her actual name; in return, Chihiro returned the favor by giving Bai her own name. Although though Chihiro regularly falls prey in the spirit world, she earns a lot of money by cleaning toilets, growing into an useful employee, making friends, and becoming one of the most known characters in the series. Studio Ghibli. strong and confident. Her gift to Bai is the culmination of her growth and the start of a fulfilling connection with her soul. He had first rescued her. From the world of the soul, Chihiro responded as best she could.

Did the events of Spirited Away really happen or were they in Chihiro’s mind?

At the end of Spirited Away, Chihiro looks back at her parents cleaning their car in the back.

Looking back, Chihiro observes that the bathhouse and the surrounding spirit world have been replaced by the open field at the beginning of the film. When Chihiro finds her parents, they don’t seem to recall being changed into pigs. Even time seems to have stopped. At the exact same scenario as when they originally went for the market, the music from Studio Ghibli’s main character Joe Hisaishi is heard once again as the family climbs back into their vehicle. Events that are likely to occur The nation of the soul That never even happened.

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The realm of the soul, however, seems to have occurred, and the same power that sent Chihiro to the spirit world also erased her parents’ memory of it, according to two facts. The bracelet Zeniba gave Chihiro at the bottom of the marsh is still on her wrist; it is a spectacular and unique jewelry that she doesn’t often find. The second sign came when the family went to their car and discovered it covered in branches, leaves and dust. As anything was happening on there, time had oddly gone. Even though her parents were ignorant of it, Chihiro understood that their hardships were real.

The True Meaning of the End of Spirited Away

Image of the statue and the tunnel leading to the market at the end of Spirited Away.

The nation of the soul Chihiro’s journey is addressed in the touching finale, which is characteristic of Studio Ghibli, by changing her viewpoint of both the outside world and of herself. In the movie’s opening scene, Chihiro is shown sobbing as she bids her friends goodbye and growing upset since her parents are moving. She is a typical pessimistic child who behaves grumpy and generally irritating to vent her resentment against her parents. As a consequence of Chihiro’s resistance to budge and the fact that she is being dragged to an abandoned market where she is made to participate, she is transported to the spirit world. Yet in the epilogue, Chihiro finally grows despite all the opposition.

Chihiro turns out to be a calm, collected, and thoughtful young woman at the conclusion of the year. Her last assignment is to cross the riverbank without looking back, just like she did when she moved home with her family. The last sentence of this letter is both upbeat and dismal. country soul. Before Chihiro can finally look back on her former life, she must first let go of it. When asked whether she was worried about her new school and classmates, Chihiro said, “I believe I can handle it.” Get her ready for the next phase of her existence in the realm of the soul.

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