SpongeBob SquarePants: 10 Times We Felt Bad For Squidward

While SpongeBob is clearly the face of the series, Squidward is also a very compelling character in his own right. This is because, as viewers get older, it becomes easier for them to relate to him and his overall struggles. So sometimes it’s impossible not to feel sorry for him. In fact, due to the difficulties he faced, this happened often. He’s a character who feels hopeless, and it’s very challenging to make him feel genuinely happy; so, naturally, he’s a loser to cheers from the audience.

when looking at spongebob square pantsThroughout this illustrious history, it’s clear that the saddest moments usually involve Squidward being the primary victim. In fact, these depressing scenes are some of the most memorable in the series because of the serious impact they leave behind. While Squidward’s struggles are at times humorous, most fans leave with a deep sense of sympathy for Squidward.

When his band destroyed his spirit

After lying to Squeliam about having his own band, Squidward finds himself in trouble. Squilliam booked his band to play at the Bubble Bowl, so Squidward acted fast, bringing the whole town together to produce a show.

However, the members of his new band not only didn’t play well, but there was a big row at the last rehearsal. This causes Squidward to cry and thank them with no thanks, as his dreams are now shattered. However, SpongeBob does rally them all, and they surprise SpongeBob with their brilliant performance.

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When he craves crab cakes

Squidward eats crab cakes

Out of pride, Squidward doesn’t admit to SpongeBob that he actually likes crab cakes. This becomes a huge problem when he craves one so badly that he even pulls a half-eaten one out of the trash.

However, when SpongeBob saw him grab it, he cremated it and cried because the customer didn’t finish it. It’s so sad that Squidward cries when he’s alone. However, of course, he ended up sneaking into the Crab Patty Vault and eating a bunch of them before they went straight into his lap…and he exploded.

when he was in the cemetery

Squidward mourns his hopes and dreams at the cemetery.

After SpongeBob returns the extremely expensive No. 1 soda cap to Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen’s corpse, Mr. Krabs heads to the graveyard to retrieve it. A group of buyers told him they would pay millions of dollars for it.

There, he happens to see Squidward crying over a distant grave. Take a closer look and it says “Here are Squidward’s hopes and dreams”. The crab boss will definitely not be moved, but the audience may be moved.

When everyone hates his talent show

Squidward dances in the talent show.

In order to bring more money to the Krusty Krab, Squidward convinces Mr. Krabs to let him host a talent show. He thought this was the perfect opportunity to show Bikini Bottom what a star he was.

However, once he started his unique dance routine, the audience hated it so much that they started throwing tomatoes at him. To make matters worse, they cheer loudly for Spongebob when all he does is clean up the mess.

When he can’t find happiness in his new home

Squidward plays the clarinet in Tentacle Acres.

After seeing an advertisement for Tentacle Acres, Squidward decides to move there to get away from SpongeBob and Patrick. It seemed like a perfect fit for him, as it was packed with people like him, while also offering interpretive dance classes and bread in a tin.

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However, the repetition of life made Squidward feel sad and loathe the town. It’s hard to imagine that Brother Octopus finally had happiness, but was taken away in an instant. Plus, he even misses SpongeBob and uses the reef blower to fly back to Bikini Beach. Essentially, this episode is a commentary on the dangers of getting what you want.

when he couldn’t sell his house

Squidward cried after the real estate agent left.

In the show, Squidward tries to leave his neighborhood more than once. In this episode, he has a real estate agent visit his home to see if she’d like to sell it. However, to keep SpongeBob from ruining things with his annoying behavior, he tells SpongeBob that today is a “opposite day.”

However, SpongeBob and Patrick decide to celebrate the fake holiday by imitating Squidward when she shows up. They eventually chase her away when they, along with Squidward around them, piss off the real estate agent.

when he thinks he killed spongebob

SpongeBob and Squidward watch the sunset together.

After buying SpongeBob a piece of pie, he discovers it’s actually a bomb made by pirates. He thinks SpongeBob has eaten it, so he spends the entire episode participating in activities with SpongeBob. While doing so, he understandably felt guilty.

At sunset, Squidward cries because he believes SpongeBob will explode any minute. The two were counting down the sunset in a very emotional way, and then the explosion happened. Thankfully, however, it’s just bubbles blown by SpongeBob, but it’s still impossible not to feel bad for Squidward.

when spongebob shrinks him

SpongeBob holds a shrunken Squidward.

After SpongeBob takes Mermaid Man’s belt, he can’t help but use it in the kitchen while working. When Squidward finds out about this, he tries to call the Mermaid Man, and Spongebob shrinks him.

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SpongeBob is completely wrong about this, and it only makes things worse. At the end of the episode, he shrinks the entire town in an attempt to repair what he’s done. If he had only listened to Squidward, this entire crisis wouldn’t have happened.

when Mr. Krabs uses him as clam bait.

Squidward and SpongeBob as giant clam bait.

After Mr. Krabs gets his first million dollars, he takes SpongeBob and Squidward on the boat to celebrate. However, this becomes a real problem when a giant flying clam snatches it from his hands and eats it.

This leads to Mr. Krabs ending up using Squidward and Spongebob as live bait. Of course, neither of them wanted to do this, but they had no choice because they were bound. Even if they escaped unscathed, it’s impossible not to feel sorry for them because they were so frightened in the process.

When he gets lost in the middle of nowhere with SpongeBob and Patrick

Squidward is trapped in the middle of nowhere with SpongeBob and Patrick.

As Squidward walks to work, SpongeBob and Patrick confront him in a random treehouse. When they told him he wouldn’t fit in at their club, he climbed on after they continued to tell him not to. This resulted in him discovering that there was not enough room for him within the building. As he tries to leave, the vines holding him up break, launching them into the air.

They landed in the middle of a kelp forest and couldn’t find their way out. But this is especially bad for Squidward, because of course he can’t stand his neighbor. His refusal to participate in the group’s obsession with magical conch shells contributes to the overall chaos of the episode.

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