Spy x Family’s Loid Never Cared For Yor & Anya as Much as Fans Think

fans like the word spy x family, in no small part thanks to the healthy family energy emanating from Loid, Yor and Anya. However, despite Loid’s increasingly sincere concern and support for Yor and Anya, the fact that they are only useful liars to him as he is on his quest to “target pepper” Donovan Desmond.

No matter how caring and supportive Loid is, whatever action he takes is not a product of his growing love for his new family, but rather a callous act. of a master spy who is completely devoted to his mission and helps his country if he can. Best way to get there. spy x family Yor and Anya are only part of the plan. Any interest he has for them is solely to advance their relationship in pursuit of that goal.

spy x family Chapter 66 provides a great example of how budget-conscious Loid is when it comes to his “family”. After learning that Yor has been in contact with Desmond’s wife, Melinda, his first thought is that Yor must be up to something. Then his thoughts turned to seeing Melinda as a threat. In the end, he decides that Yor being friends with Melinda is the best thing for him, but he sees it as the perfect escape, as it would be the perfect escape for Yor from the “pretend” family life. ” hers. . That said, he sees it as just a way to advance his mission, not something that benefits Yor personally.

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Loid doesn’t like Yor and Anya very much

According to Loid’s analysis, having Yor and Melinda as friends would allow her access to someone in Desmond’s inner circle who was closer to his goal than anyone else. Additionally, he encourages Yor to do the same, even though Melinda Desmond is seen as a “low-value target”. In addition, his new plan “Plan C” also reveals his true feelings for Anya. Although he seems to want her to be able to effectively execute “Plan B”, he has little confidence in her ability to execute it so she is now just one of many options. choose, and he’s willing to let go if there’s another plan. shows more promise.

In either case, aside from showing his growing affection for Yor and Anya, Loid’s behavior suggests that they are nothing more than the tools he needs to get the job done. This is especially true when spy x family Friend. Although his mission is his top priority, he doesn’t need to put Yor in jeopardy for a cause of the least value. Loid doesn’t care about Yor and Anya spy x family Fans think.

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