Star Wars Makes Original Cantina Alien Super Strong

Star Wars: The Clone Wars revealed a classic cantina alien is stronger than they appear. Star Wars movies have always been famous for the nondescript creatures that make up the background scenes, with many of them getting far more intricate backstories than their screentime would suggest. Even minor entities, like Ithorians, have gotten some time in the spotlight. The Clone Wars season 7 revealed the seemingly docile aliens pack a lot more of a punch than their brief cameos have suggested.

The first appearance of the Ithorian was in 1977’s Star Wars. It was one of many odd patrons of Chalmun’s Spaceport Cantina on Tatooine. This was a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, fitting for a background character. There were no lines or personality given, leaving later media to fill in the blanks. Native to the planet Ithor, the “hammerheads” as Kenner’s toy line dubbed them, tend to keep out of the galaxy’s conflicts if they can help it.  Ithorians are traditionally a peaceful race, but The Clone Wars found a surprising way to remedy this in the most recent episode.

Episode 6, “Deal No Deal” saw Ahsoka and the Martez sisters imprisoned by the Pyke crime syndicate. During an argument between the former Jedi and Rafa, Trace dumped their spice shipment mid-flight. With nothing to deliver to the criminals, the trio is thrown in prison on Oba Diah. The following installment, episode 7, “Dangerous Debt”, follows up on this situation through their failed jailbreak. Before she could be tortured, Trace fights off the Pyke’s goons and runs off. During a scuffle, she opens the cell of a Weequay and an Ithorian, who aid her in the fight. The latter picked the guard, slammed his head into the cell doorway and then threw him a significant distance down the corridor at the other Pykes. This was all done almost casually with one hand, indicating remarkable strength.

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Ithorians are not represented like this in any other Star Wars media. While they’re usually just seen in passing, the creature in this episode got more action than most of his species. They did get a brighter spotlight in Legends material, where much of their characterization stems from. Genndy Tartakovsky’s Star Wars: Clone Wars even featured an Ithorian Jedi in its second season. Roron Corobb was not a major player, but he was at least granted a personality. He was strong in the Force, however, his physical strength was never detailed. It can be inferred, based on what The Clone Wars just depicted, that he was quite a brawny individual.

Once seen as a docile race, this moment is sure to change the way fans perceive the silent giants next time they’re seen lumbering past in the background. Fighting off the Pykes isn’t easy, even for a rule-bending Force-user like Ahsoka and her two companions. Having a jacked Ithorian on their side couldn’t possibly hurt anyone other than their enemies.

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