Star Wars Theory Reveals Thrawn’s Secret Weapon Has A High Republic Connection

a new one Star Wars The theory is that Marshal Thrawn will be the main villain Palestinians Era, a secret weapon related to the Supreme Republic is being used. At Star Wars Celebration 2023, Lucasfilm finally revealed their plans for the future of the franchise – including Palestinians and its related derivatives. Lucasfilm essentially follows the Marvel formula, with a series of stories that intertwine and culminate in the events taking place in the film. The culprit is Marshal Thrawn, a former leader of the Imperial. Star Wars The expanded universe is now a classic villain.

The classic version of Marshal Thrawn is out Star Wars, an alien military leader tasked with suppressing the uprising of the Lothar newborns. Thrawn was cool and smart, and Thrawn would have won if the Force hadn’t warned Jedi Padawan Ezra Bridger that Thrawn’s fleet would intervene at the worst possible time. Ezra set a trap with purrgils, Star Wars‘ Space whales; Thrawn’s flagship, entangled in their tentacles, sneaks into the unknown. He’ll be back in a few years Ahsokaplayed in the live-action version of Lars Mikkelsen, the voice of The Admiral Rebels. The self-proclaimed heir to Thrawn’s Empire is a real force to be reckoned with – and he’s likely to have the same weapons against the Jedi as the survivors of Ahsoka and Jude Law’s mysterious Order 66. .

Marshal Thrawn “Issalamiri”‘s Force Weapon Explained

Marshal Thrawn was originally created in Timothy Zahn’s “Thrawn Trilogy” and first appeared in the 1991 novel. heir to the empire.He was created as another Star Wars A villain, a threat because of his military genius rather than his Force strength. But Thrawn remains a problem for Force-sensitive people like Luke Skywalker, as he has acquired a weapon he can use against them; The creatures in ysalamiri can resist the force. In “Legend”, Issalamiri evolves on the planet Milk, where there is a predator named Vonsk, who uses the Force to hunt. Ysalamir has developed defenses that create bubbles around them, effectively repelling the Force. Thrawn weaponized Issalamiri against Luke and other Force-sensitive people, using them to disrupt the Force.

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Issalamiri plays an important role in this Star WarsThrawn trilogy, but not yet in canon.but Star Wars They are subtly alluded to, even linking the creatures to Marshal Thrawn; An art lover, Thrawn stands in front of Issalamiri’s sculptures, suggesting that he considers them particularly important. While Thrawn knew he was beyond his ability to handle the Force – the first lesson he learned in the face of a powerful being called Bendu, and when he Star WarsIn the end – he has good reason to research ways to protect himself from the sensitive Force. Palestinians It has been confirmed that there are at least three active survivors out of 66 from this era – Ahsoka Tano’s enigmatic characters, Grogu and Jude Law – so Issalamiri will indeed be very useful to Thrawn.

Star Wars: The High Republic may be building a new home world of Issalamiri

star wars x planets

In “Legend”, Issalamiri originates from a planet called Milk located in the outer ring. Myrkr is actually quoted in Star Wars Canon and even another Force-sensitive species on Earth — a race of sentient plants known as the “Neti” — are mentioned. But Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: The High Republic The transmedia initiative has the potential to establish another place where ysalamiri may have evolved, a mysterious force-rich planet known only as Planet X.

Planet X, located in an unknown region, remains a mystery. This is the home of fearsome predators known as nameless, force-fed savage beasts. During the prosperity of the Republic, Nameless was exploited by a cult known as the Open Hand and a group of pirates known as the Void, a serious threat to the Jedi. The Nameless doesn’t seem to have survived the Republic’s heyday – someone mentioned “The Nameless Purge”, possibly an episode of The Nameless Star Wars: The High Republic Stage 3 – but it’s possible they evolved on the same world as Issalamiri. Like Vonsk, Isalamiri uses the Force to hunt prey, so Isalamiri’s natural defenses are very effective against them.

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Admiral Thrawn may have found Issalamiri on Planet X

Admiral Thrawn looks stern in Star Wars Rebels.

Planet X is in the Unexplored Zone, a vast unexplored region of space. Marshal Thrawn is actually an outcast of the Chiss, an alien race from unknown regions, so it’s entirely possible that he’s more familiar with Planet X than anyone else on the planet. other planet. Star Wars Galaxy. It’s also said to be where he’s been stuck ever since Star Wars season four. Navigating uncharted territory is extremely difficult due to the hyperspace distortion caused by a string of supernova explosions, so it’s easy to imagine Thrawn would take years to return. He could easily have spent his time visiting Planet X, looking for Issalamiri to deal with gas sensitizers.

It’s true that Issalamiri doesn’t originate from the Legendary Planet X, but this new approach could serve as a sort of clever scouting out different narrative themes. Star Wars Canon together. Star Wars: The High Republic It turned out to be one of the most successful media initiatives in history Star Wars, Lucasfilm is wise to associate with it in subtle ways. Meanwhile, Issalamiri would make Thrawn a real threat – not just as a military foe, but Jedi like Ahsoka and Jude Law, whose mere presence would cause problems. subject. That would be an interesting direction Star Wars, incorporated another element of the old Extended Universe while remaking it to accommodate the new setting. It will be interesting to see if this particular theory turns out to be true and if Issala Miri will appear in the live-action film. Ahsoka And even further.

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