Star Wars’ Untold Mandalorian Story Just Got Even More Exciting

warn! This article contains spoilers for Ahsoka Episode 4.


  • The Fall of Mandalore never appears in Star Wars, but the events leading up to it are described through word of mouth in Rebels.
  • The Mandalorian Season 3 appears to reveal everything about Mandalore’s fall, with Bo-Katan admitting her betrayal and Moff Gideon wiping out her people.
  • Ahsoka Episode 4 made the fall of Mandalore even more mysterious, with Sabine blaming Ahsoka for the Purge of Mandalore, adding another layer to the tragedy.

The untold story of Mandalore star wars It just got more exciting.The Fall of Mandalore is the first mentioned event The Mandalorian In Season 1, the Armorer talks about the beskar collected during the Purge. Moff Gideon later revealed that he was responsible for the Night of a Thousand Tears, an event in which the Mandalorians and their planet were destroyed by the Empire. Imperial forces sacked their beskar and continued to hunt the Mandalorians in a manner that sent survivors into hiding, as seen with Din Djarin’s covert operations.

Beyond that, little is known about the Fall of Mandalore until The Mandalorian third episode. The full physical effects of the Purge were realized when Din first returned to the planet Mandalore’s surface, and further effects were realized when he helped Bo-Katan lead the effort to retake the planet. Despite seeing the remains of the planet and hearing some of the stories from survivors, the fall of Mandalore remains shrouded in mystery. star wars Details are beginning to be revealed about this tragic event, making it more complex and exciting than previously thought.

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Star Wars Never Showed The Fall of Mandalore

In addition to a brief flashback showing the Imperial bombardment boba fett books The fifth episode of Season 1, The Fall of Mandalore, was never seen.The accumulation can be found in star wars rebelsSabine Wren worked with Beau Katan to liberate the planet from the Empire before the Battle of Yavin and gave her the Darksaber, the ancestral sword of the Mandalorian leadership. Major events are narrated only by word of mouth, with the Armorer presenting her own knowledge and survivors’ accounts.

The Mandalorian Season 3 Seems to Finally Reveal What Happened

Bo-Katan and The Mandalorian in the Season 3 Finale

The Fall of Mandalore may have never been shown, but The Mandalorian Still, the dialogue in Season 3 Episode 7 seems to tell viewers everything they need to know. Bo-Katan admitted that she had surrendered to Moff Gideon, but Moff Gideon betrayed her and took the Darksaber while continuing to exterminate her people. The Mandalorians were not informed of Bo-Katan’s surrender, so they continued to fight for her even though she herself had surrendered.This is one of the last pieces to understand how the Fall of Mandalore happened, and while nothing is shown, it’s explained throughout The Mandalorian Season 3.

Ahsoka Episode 4 Makes Mandalore’s Fall Even More Mysterious

Sabine Debates Giving Maps in Ahsoka Episode 4 Baylan Skoll

but Ahsoka Episode four makes it even more mysterious. The episode reveals that Sabine’s family died during the fall of Mandalore, and oddly enough she blames Ahsoka for the Purge of Mandalore in some mysterious, unspecified way. The question then is why Sabine thought Ahsoka could help save her family from death, or even prevent the Purge altogether. Beran Skor attributes this to Ahsoka not trusting Sabine, which could mean a lot of different things. Most likely, Sabine believed she sensed the fate of her family and her planet in the Force, while Ahsoka didn’t believe she was connected to the Force enough to trust her and let them both go and help. It was revealed that Ahsoka was very attached to Sabine, even though she tried not to, and that she could have stopped her Padawan because she didn’t want to lose her in tragedy.

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Still, this information adds another layer to Mandalore’s Fall. Perhaps Sabine wanted Ahsoka to confront Moff Gideon, defeat him on the spot, and then return the Darksaber to Bo-Katan. Whether defeating Moff Gideon during the Purge would have prevented this is unknown, but according to Sabine, it could be a solution. Ahsoka is unlikely to be the main hub, as the Mandalorians are known for being the greatest warriors in the galaxy, and they still can’t take on the Empire on their own.Sabine’s Sorrow Ahsoka Because her lost family may go on to reveal more unknown details about the fall of Mandalore, and whether she and Ahsoka can play a role in saving the Earth and its people.

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