Stardew Valley: 10 Best Crops To Plant

popular games fog valley is a farming simulation game, so there are lots of crops to choose from. Each season has its own viable yield, and players can obtain the seed in a number of different ways, including shopping, fishing, and mob fighting.

But because the game is open-ended and has so many options, it can be difficult for the player to decide which plants to grow. While a player should plant all crops at least once to satisfy the in-game requirements, some crops are more useful than others and are therefore worth planting more often.


As one of the main summer crops, cantaloupe takes 12 days to harvest. The long wait is worth it, as one melon can get between 250 and 550 gp, depending on the quality and skill of the player, and the crops provide a lot of energy and health if the player needs it.

If the player wants to make friends or start a relationship with Penny, watermelons are the perfect gift because she loves them. Demetrius also wants the melons from the “Crop Research” quest, available in the Summer Crop Pack and the Premium Crop Pack. The most interesting aspect of this crop is that it is one of only three crops that has a 1% chance of becoming a giant crop, dropping various items when harvested with an ax.

green bean

Player character harvesting green beans in Stardew Valley

Chickpeas are spring-only, which means it’s especially useful early in the game. After 10 days can be harvested. Although each plant produces only one chickpea at a time, it continues to produce every three days throughout the growing season. You only need two green beans to make bean sauce, adding a little health and energy. This easy-to-make meal also boosts the player’s energy and maximum magnetic field radius.

This crop is also available in the Spring Crop Pack and the Premium Mixed Crop Pack. Also, while no one in the game likes green beans, most villagers love the gift. Players need to be careful where they plant these crops, as they cannot pass through trellis crops.

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In Stardew Valley, the player character stands next to Chili

Pepper will spawn Chili after only five days, it will regrow every three days for the rest of Summer and has a 3% chance to spawn more Chili. Because chili is a fruit tree, the player can use them to make wine.

Chilies are highly productive and can be used to make large amounts of Chili Popcorn and Spicy Eel, great for restoring health and energy. Sean and Lewis love the plant, and George wants to use it for the “Heal the Knee” quest. In addition, this crop is also used in the Summer Crop Pack and possibly in the Premium Mixed Crop Pack.


Stardew Valley player characters and their blueberries

Although this summer crop takes 13 days to fully mature, the blueberry crop produces plenty of blueberries at harvest, and this crop will regrow every four days. The player has an abundance of blueberries making this crop ideal for crafting items like blueberry jelly and blueberry wine, and can also be used to make blueberry pie or fruit salad.

Some villagers love blueberries, but blueberries are best used in crafts or meals. Crops can also be used in a number of packages, including remixed dye packs. Blueberries are also one of the crops that JojaMart can’t buy, but can buy in other regular stores.


Player character harvesting grapes in Stardew Valley

Grapes are an autumn trellis crop, so players need to be careful when planting this plant, as they won’t be able to walk through it. But grapes are also one of the items that can be harvested in the fall, which means players have two ways to obtain this crop. This results in a potentially productive crop in the fall, which can then be used for crafts such as grape jelly and wine.

In addition to being used in Summer Feeding Packs, Grapes are sometimes requested on Request for Help boards and can be used in tailoring. Also, Vincent loves grapes, so grapes are the perfect gift for him.

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In Stardew Valley, two scarecrows guard a field of sunflowers

Sunflowers are multi-season crops, which means sunflowers planted in late summer will continue to grow in the fall. When sunflowers are harvested after eight days, the plant can drop more sunflower seeds, which the player can plant more sunflowers or use for oil.

If Sunflowers are planted near the Bee House, the honey obtained will give the player more money when sold. This planter can be used in the Dye Pack and the Remix Garden Garden Pack, and can also be used in Tailoring. Players who want to befriend or romance Hayley should use Sunflowers, as she likes them.


The player character grows hops in a greenhouse in Stardew Valley

Hops are the perfect crop to grow during the summer if the player is looking for quick money early in the game. Hops will mature in 11 days, but the crop will continue to produce throughout the season and only need a day after harvest to regrow. Due to its large yields and relatively cheap seeds, growing hops is a great way to improve a player’s growing experience.

Hops can be used to brew beer if the player puts them in a barrel. Because pale ale can be brewed in just 1 to 2 days and hops are easy to harvest, pale ale is one of the most profitable craft items. In addition to being used in tailoring, hops can also be used in wild healing kits in the remix craft room.


A player character grows wheat in Stardew Valley

Although Wheat Seeds can only be produced once, they are a very useful multi-season crop. They cost only 10 gold at Pierre’s General Store and 12 gold at JojaMart, and the plants only take four days to mature. Since it is a multi-season crop, it can be planted in late summer and continues to grow in the fall. Since most plowed and fertilized soil usually recovers after each season, planting wheat is a great way to make sure the soil stays the same in the fall.

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Since wheat has a 40% chance of shedding hay after harvest, wheat is a good crop to feed animals. If wheat is put in a barrel it will produce beer, and wheat can also be put in a mill to produce flour. In addition to being used in needlework and “ask for help” board tasks, wheat can also be used in animal feed packs.


The player character grows corn in Stardew Valley

Although Corn takes 14 days to mature, it regrows every 4 days and is a multi-season crop, meaning that if the player sows Corn Seeds on the first day of Summer, they will get a lot of Corn. If the player uses the Seeder, they can make a lot of money from the sale of Corn Seeds, as two packs of Corn Seeds are worth 150 gold.

Although no villager likes corn, most villagers do, so it’s a pretty safe gift. Corn is also available in the Fall Crop Pack and the Premium Crop Pack with customization options and the “Need Help” quest. The crop is also used to make tortillas.

ancient fruit

The player character grows ancient fruit in Stardew Valley

The Ancient Fruit is one of the hidden crops in the game, as it is not sold at Pierre’s General Store or JojaMart. Instead, seeds must be purchased on wagons or obtained by donating ancient seed artifacts to the museum. But this crop can be one of the best in the game, especially if the player has unlocked the farm’s greenhouse.

Although the plant takes a whole month to grow, it grows in every season except winter and continues to bear fruit every 7 days from harvest. The price of the ancient fruit itself went up to 550 to 1210 gold, and if it was made into wine or jelly, the value would be even higher. This makes the plant very profitable and it is also used in the Missing Pack and the Rare Plant Pack in the Mixed Pantry.

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