Super Hero’s Bulma Makes GT’s Shadow Dragons The Perfect Next Villains

Warning: Contains spoilers for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.bulma in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, dragon ball gt Shadow Dragon is the next perfect villain of the series.Thanks Super Dragon Balls: Broly, it is clear that non-canonical characters can also be created like this if they have a place in the current story. This doesn’t happen a second time, but recent events in the series would make Shadow Dragon a perfect fit.

Shadow Dragon is the ultimate villain Dragon Ball GT and before Super Dragon Ball officially making the series unofficial, the ultimate villain of the entire series Dragon ball Franchise.exist Dragon Ball GT Canon, Dragon Ball accumulates negative energy each time it is used, these negative energies usually wear off over time, but because Goku and his friends use them too often, the energy dissipates. The pole continues to accumulate until it produces a Devil Ball Dragon. The existence of Dragon Ball is a commentary on the character’s over-reliance on Dragon Ball, and ever since GT As the franchise’s original conclusion, villains like them would be better suited as the ultimate villains.

Shadow Dragon is a very suitable villain Dragon Ball GTand the following Dragon Ball Super: Super Herothey’re also a great fit for the next classic villain. In spite of Super Dragon Ball go in a different direction GTHowever, some parts of the franchise, especially those about Bulma, still fit in with the overall theme of the Shadow Dragon story. Therefore, the use of Shadow Dragon not only fits the theme, but also provides an opportunity to improve the shortcomings of the original.

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Broly and superheroes prove Dragon Ball GT’s point about Dragon Ball

Arrogant about the center Dragon Ball GTThe Legend of Dark Dragon is Goku and his friends use Dragon Balls too much and Super Dragon Balls: Broly And Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Totally agree with this.exist Brolyrevealed that Bulma used the Dragon Balls countless times to look 5 years younger and grant all wishes, and in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, she squandered two wishes on minor plastic surgery, although Piccolo points out that she could have achieved the same result on her own and could use one wish to bring Goku and Vegeta back Earth to help the Red Ribbon Army. Both are examples of Dragon Balls being wasted on meaningless wishes, in keeping with what Shadow Dragon Saga is trying to say about the Dragon Balls.

However, even before the recent movies, there were many instances where Dragon Ball was taken for granted. For example, Bulma was introduced to want to use dragon balls just to get a boyfriend, and the Red Commander of the Red Ribbon Army just wanted to use them to get taller, and Lieutenant Black even scolded him for wanting to. that instead of hoping for world domination. The idea that people are too dependent on the Dragon Balls has been around since the early days of the series, so with that in mind, it’s only fitting that Shadow Dragon is the next villain.

Dragon Ball Super Can Overcome the Legend of the Dark Dragon

Dragon Ball in Dragon Ball GT

The biggest benefit of the Shadow Dragon entrance Super Dragon Ball Well, it will give an opportunity to correct the shortcomings of Legend of Shadow Dragon. While the overall idea of ​​The Legend of the Dark Dragon was good, its implementation ultimately fell through due to the poor performance of most of the Dark Dragons. Xin Shenlong of the Seven Shadow Dragons, by Complete Alchemist: BrotherhoodHidekatsu Shibata, Nuova Shenron, and Eis Shenron are the only ones who can properly fight Goku, and all seven of them are rated very little in terms of personality. While most of them have great power and design, that still makes them pretty mediocre, especially since they’re originally the series’ final villains.

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if Super Dragon Ball However, it handles the Legend of the Dark Dragon on its own, and then it can fix those problems. All dark dragons can be made strong enough to at least be able to resist Goku, and more importantly, all of them can show their individuality instead of the usual villains who want to destroy world, like Super Dragon Balls: Broly A lot has contributed to the unraveling of Broly’s controversial character. Highlighting them in this way can even be combined in different ways excellent The lore of the Dragon Balls expands, such as the existence of super Dragon Balls, and determines how planets other than Earth and Namek can have their own Dragon Balls. Despite that, they all go a long way toward making them more compelling villains than they are.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Continuing with the idea that Bulma is using Dragon Balls for selfish reasons, which makes Dragon Ball GTShadow Dragon is the next perfect villain of the series. Now they don’t just fit the theme of the 1996 anime Dragon Ball GT, but turning them into the next villain can offer an opportunity for improvement when their original incarnation fails. There’s no way to know who the next villain of the series will be, but Shadow Dragon would be a good choice.

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