The Batman: 10 Best Pieces Of Merchandise To Get In Hype For The Movie

While the Batman movies are all about dark stories about a vigilante trying to save Gotham from a host of twisted villains, they’re also money-making machines. Not just the box office, but the merchandise: toys, collectibles, apparel, anything that could have Batman’s name on it.

Matt Reeves highly anticipated batman no difference. Although more of a detective thriller, batman Featuring the many different Batman characters, vehicles, and weapons that make the hero so iconic, fans may want to purchase some Batman-based merchandise.

Various shirts

From Batman to Catwoman and even the Riddler, there are tons of official Batman shirts in the merch batman. Some are what many have come to expect from Batman movie shirts, while others are a bit surprising.

Sites like Hot Topic have tank tops, button-down shirts, basic T-shirts and more to choose from.

hot wheels remote control batmobile

Promotional images of

For fans looking for a bigger-than-average Hot Wheels car, Mattel and Hot Wheels have unveiled a new Batmobile. However, it doesn’t just come with the car, it also comes with a small Batman action figure and a stand taken directly from the Batcave in the actual movie.

A small Bat-signal lights up on the stand, flashing Batman’s iconic chest symbol on the vehicle. It features a fully functional headlight and tailpipe glow, giving the whole family a great experience day and night.

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Exclusive Cinemark cups and popcorn buckets

2022 Batman Cinemark Exclusive Popcorn Bucket and Cup Cracked Image

If there happens to be a Cinemark theater in their area, fans can get an exclusive cup and bowl for drinks and popcorn. The mug features a stone-like texture and design with embossed logos, Batman images, and more. The cup almost looks like it’s made from the walls of the Batcave, which makes sense since it’s an iconic superhero lair.

Meanwhile, the popcorn bucket features a metallic image of the Batman logo on the inside, with a glossy metallic red interior.It matches Matt Reeves’ red theme batman Used well in its marketing.

Funko POP

Split images of various Funko Pop figures from Batman 2022

It seems like everything has a Funko POP these days, so it’s no surprise that Batman gets its own series. There are plenty to choose from, including Batman, Catwoman, Riddler, Penguin, Batmobile, Catwoman with a motorcycle, and even a 10-inch-tall Funko POP Batman.

However, the gems to look for are unique. Unmasked Batman can only be found in Pop In A Box, where Batman in the wingsuit is exclusive to the Funko website. The battle-scarred Batman only appears in Hot Topic, and even regular Bruce Wayne himself can only appear in Target.

“I am Shadow” Premium Jacket

A split image of a model wearing the Batman 2022 premium jacket and the premium jacket itself

Whether it’s to stay cool or look stylish, there’s a new jacket with an embossed Batman logo.It looks similar to what Bruce Wayne wore during the developmental stages of becoming the Caped Crusader, such as in the origin story titled “The Caped Crusader” Batman: Year One.

The only downside is the price of this jacket, it’s available online from Merchoid for $129.99, and as mentioned, this jacket isn’t just for style. It’s made with quilted interior padding to keep the wearer warm.

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Lego Techno Batmobile

Promotional images of

An entire Batmobile made from LEGO bricks; not only does it light up, but it also comes with everything from functional pistons, a steering wheel, doors that open or close, and even a hood. The hood opens to reveal the glowing engine.

There have been many versions of the Batmobile in the past that were all turned into toys in some way. This LEGO version of the Batmobile has more than 1,300 parts in total, so it takes a long time to assemble. The Batmobile can be found at a number of retailers, including the official LEGO website.

DC Batman Multiverse by McFarlane Toys

Split figure of McFarlane Toys 7-inch Batman figure from DC Multiverse

Due to the attention to detail in the Batman suit, this seven-inch figure is one of the best in the McFarlane Toys line. While other characters like Bruce Wayne or Catwoman have had issues with the likeness of the actor’s face, this one gets it right.

From the arm gauntlets to the dark gray armor, everything looks perfect in the movie and doesn’t cost a lot of money either. Get the DC Multiverse for just $20 batman Can be found at many retailers including Amazon.

AMC Exclusive Batman Hood Popcorn Bucket

AMC Exclusive Batman Hood Popcorn Bucket Open and Closed Split Image

It was recently announced that AMC theaters will be launching their own popcorn buckets batman. These come in the form of the Batman cowl worn by Robert Pattinson in the movie. The cowl can be opened from the top and store popcorn, which could be a subtle jab at the fact that Batman is mentally unhealthy.

Not only is it a clever popcorn bucket, but any Batman fan will love having this cover on their shelf as it looks surprisingly accurate to the screen.

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McFarlane Toy Red and Black Statue

Split image of McFarlane Toys red and black Batman statue

McFarlane Toys is back with the same red and black themed statue batman. The twelve-inch statue is shaped and painted to resemble Batman standing under neon lights. More detailed than the DC Multiverse statue, it’s surprising that it only costs $40 at retailers like Walmart, while most statues this detailed are over $100.

While it retains Robert Pattinson’s likeness, the statue also adds white eyes (red in this case), similar to how some of the best artists draw Batman in comics or animated movies.

Batman chest emblem replica

Batman Logo Magnetic Replica

This item, available for purchase from Merchoid, is a replica of the item worn on the chest of Robert Pattinson’s Batman. Not only is it a symbol of the bat, but the movie version can be disassembled and used as a tactical knife or Batarang. This replica is just the magnetic parts put together to form a 3.5-inch piece.

Priced at just over $30, it comes in a basic bronze version similar to the movie. However, there is a 24K plated version priced at $35. For fans who like gold/yellow in Batman’s gear, this might be the perfect version of the symbol.

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