The couple wanted to adopt a cat, and they chose the saddest and most unhappy of all cats: The happy animal changed beyond recognition in a few hours!

Often called the saddest cat on the internet, meet BenBen. Poor BenBen is destined for a bleak future at the shelter, likely to end in euthanasia.

His story is even more poignant because of his disfigured ear, multiple severe wounds and a fractured spine.

BenBen appeared to have gotten into a fight with a larger animal.

According to shelter staff, BenBen seemed to have a premonition of his dark fate. He showed no signs of wanting to persist; he did not move, did not eat or drink.

When he learned about BenBen, a compassionate member of the veterinary clinic staff decided to give him a fresh start.

The transformation was truly astounding. Within hours of settling into his new home, BenBen’s entire demeanor changed!

As if expressing gratitude, he began to purr, smile and ask for petting. It was as if he realized that he had finally found safety and his forever home.

Against the odds, BenBen started walking again, defying the vet’s doubts. Soon he was running and jumping instead of just walking!

BenBen is no longer the saddest cat in the house, although he still needs pain medication. He really became a happy cat.

We owe it to the amazing individuals who saved BenBen!

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