The cry of a child reunited this family with their missing dog

Luna is an Australian Shepherd that hasn’t even been around for a year. One day, she jumped out of the yard and disappeared in an unknown direction.

Luna was saved by the youngest member of her family, 6-month-old Bowen, a boy.

The loss of the dog was discovered on Saturday afternoon. The whole weekend is dedicated to finding.

The family has reached out to Sandra Colston. She is an expert on lost pets. To help them, she created a handy searchable map with key locations. They set up a trap to put their clothes in, hoping Luna would come out to sniff the familiar scent. But their trick didn’t work.

The owners were even afraid that Luna had left her hometown. So you have to look at them from the other side of the country. In addition, a purebred and very young dog can become an ideal prey for dog thieves.

But fortunately, the camera detected Luna nearby.

Soon the owner’s son-in-law and granddaughter Luna were there. They called the shepherd’s name, but she ran away. Luna did not respond to her name. Her canine friends in the next yard weren’t able to lure her out of hiding either.

The weekend passed and Monday came. Family started again. Sister Myres, her ten-year-old daughter, and the youngest member of the family, six-month-old Bowen, were sitting in the truck. Others search the area on foot.

As they were about to leave, the baby started to get upset, and then his aunt lifted him higher. Then Bowen shouted.

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At that moment a miracle happened. Luna cautiously stepped out of her hiding place. She wanted to check who was insulting her little friend. She was arrested, tied to a chain and then sent home.

The family is reunited. Luna turned into a mischievous puppy again.

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