The cute dog was so relieved to be rescued that he hugged the rescuer tightly and melted happily in her arms

The dog was left in the garage in a hopeless state. The dog looks very sad and thin. He was abandoned by everyone.

The dog was named Chowder. The dog is always waiting for a miracle. A woman notices the dog.

The dog was taken to an animal shelter. The dog was so scared that he shivered with cold and despair.

The dog was immediately taken to the vet and examined. Turns out the dog had an eye infection. The dog was cured here.

When the dog felt the warmth and safety of the rescuer’s hands, he embraced the woman. The dog expressed gratitude by melting into the rescuer’s arms.

The abandoned dog is now living a happy life. He was well fed and well cared for.

The dog is very gentle and gentle and very grateful to have been rescued and given a second chance to live a safe life.

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