The dying patient had no one to leave the dog behind, so the nurse decided to intervene

A nurse from Georgia did her best to care not only for a patient in her final days but also for her dog.

The dying patient had no one to leave her dog behind, so a nurse intervened.

While caring for a dying patient, Kimberly Still meets her family and her beloved Chihuahua, Jax.

From what the patient told her, Still realized how much she loved Jax. Unfortunately, after the patient passed away, Jax had nowhere to go.

The dog ended up in a shelter outside of Atlanta, putting him at risk of death.

When Still found out, she knew she had to do something right away.

“The only asset she has in her life is this dog. She loves him so much and has been with him for so many years,” Still told Inside Edition.

“And I thought, ‘Wow, I have to go get that dog.’

She still intends to take Jax out of the orphanage and find him a loving home.

Although she knew the dog wouldn’t settle down until it found a perfect home, she didn’t realize that the perfect home for him would be hers.

After meeting Jax, she couldn’t live without it. She immediately falls in love with Jax and realizes that she must adopt him herself.

Adopting Jax is the ultimate act of kindness for the patient she has so lovingly cared for.

Now she has to take care of the patient’s beloved dog for the rest of her life. However, she took Jax home and introduced him to her other dog. Fortunately, they became friends immediately and Jax got along very well with their family.

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