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The Flash movie’s social media accounts have covertly updated their profile and cover photos with a new logo for the upcoming film. The Flash will be the character’s first solo outing on the big screen, with Ezra Miller set to reprise the role of Barry Allen/The Flash that the star originated in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Miller will lead a star-studded ensemble that includes Sasha Calle’s debut as the DCU’s Supergirl and the return of Michael Keaton as his iconic version of Batman from the Tim Burton movies.

Without any announcement, the social media accounts for The Flash movie updated their photos with a newly released version of the speedster’s movie logo. The new logo’s a significant change from the previous one, which was released with the start of filming for the movie in 2021. It’s possible the change was made to reflect the major shake-up at DC, with James Gunn and Peter Safran assuming control of the universe, leading to a different final product for The Flash. The older logo presented a more texturized background based on the hero’s suit, with lightning flashing from The Flash’s emblem at the logo’s center and lighting up the background. On the other hand, the new logo’s relatively simple, with a change in color from black to red for the movie’s title, a plain dark background, and the only details being a flash of light at the first and last letters of “Flash.” Check out the new logo below:

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How The Flash Can Change The DCU

The Flash has the hard mission of doing three things simultaneously. The first task the movie needs to deal with is that it’ll be the first solo outing of The Flash on the big screen. Because of that, the film is responsible for honoring the character’s rich comic book history and delivering an exciting journey for the fastest man alive. The Flash also needs to serve as a starting point for the future of the DCU, ending the Snyder canon debate, as the speedster’s powers allow for a reboot of the universe by the end of the movie if new DC Studios leaders James Gunn and Peter Safran choose to do so. The third and final task The Flash has is that the film turns out so good that fans forget about Ezra Miller’s recent controversies and judge the movie based only on what’s shown onscreen.

The solo Flash movie will also have to handle a sprawling multiverse story that will introduce audiences to different characters while bringing back fan-favorite versions from DC’s live-action history. Including the Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton versions of Batman in the movie excited fans of the Dark Knight, with Batman theories running rampant. Batman’s undoubtedly DC’s most popular character, and thus the character has become a main selling point for The Flash ever since either version was announced to appear. Rumors about the movie suggest Affleck’s Batman may be phased out from the DCU, giving way to Keaton’s Batman taking his place via Multiverse shenanigans, serving as a mentor to the younger heroes like The Flash and Calle’s Supergirl. No matter what road the DCU takes, having an established Batman for the universe’s a priority, and The Flash should solve that problem.

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The Flash director Andy Muschietti would be a great choice to helm the next Justice League movie, and Warner Bros. higher-ups are certainly waiting on The Flash’s reception to ponder that choice. Suppose the speedster’s solo flick proves successful. In that case, the hero could be the link between future JLA members, with Miller’s Flash having connections with DCU veterans Superman, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman, as well as newcomers Supergirl and maybe even Batgirl, whose movie was axed via the multiverse. With the DCU future possibly being tied up to Barry Allen’s first solo movie, all eyes will be on the big screen when The Flash premieres in theaters on June 23, 2023.

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