The Great British Sewing Bee star Esme Young’s love life: Is she married?

Esme Young is back on our screens in the new series The Great British Stitch Bee, where amateur tailors compete to impress fashion designer and her judge, Patrick Grant, in an attempt won the title of Britain’s most talented tailor.

While fans of the show have enjoyed seeing Esme on their screens ever since she joined season four, how much do you know about her off-camera life? Here’s all we know…

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Who is Esme Young?

Esme is a fashion designer and TV presenter who joined the reality show in 2016.

© James Stack Season nine is now on BBC One

In the 1970s, Esme along with fellow fashion designers Judy Dewsbury, Melanie Herberfield and Willie Walters founded a boutique in Camden Town called Swanky Modes.

Esme [right]with Swanky Modes co-stars Judy Dewsbury and Melanie HerberfieldEsme [right]with Swanky Modes co-stars Judy Dewsbury and Melanie Herberfield

The label quickly became popular with superstars Grace Jones and Cher favoring their designs and their clothing featured in magazines and newspapers such as Vogue, Nova, Honey, The Sunday Times and V&A Little Black Dress Book. Their designs have also been captured by renowned photographers including Helmut Newton, David Bailey, Nick Knight, John Swannell, Neil Kirk.

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Esme, 74, has sewn costumes for many Hollywood movies includingg The Beach, Diary of Bridget Jones, Romeo and Juliet And Train detection.

bridgeEsme makes clothes for Bridget Jones’s Diary

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In an interview with RTE, she revealed that Renee Zellweger’s iconic bunny costume for the Tarts and Vicars party was one of her creations.

“Renee wanted the bunny outfit to be more huggable because her figure wasn’t thin,” she said, explaining her thought process behind the outfit. “She really wanted cleavage so the outfit lifted her breasts. She could barely sit because it was so tight.”

Sara Pascoe hosts the show, while Esme Young and Patrick Grant judge the contestants © James StackSara Pascoe hosted the show, while Esme Young and Patrick Grant judged the contestants

Is Esme Young married?

Esme prefers to keep her family life unnoticed, so it is not known if she is married or has children.

The owner still has a large family and is the second child in a family of five children. She was born in Bedford to Brian Pashley Young and Patricia Josephine Cole. Her father was a career officer in the RAF and was appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 1944, Commander of the Same Order in 1960 and Commander of the Order of the Bath in 1972. Her mother was a secretary who worked as a nurse during World War II.

Esme joins the series in the fourth season © ProductionEsme joins the show on its fourth season

Esme lives in London and has lived in social housing since 1983 – a one-bedroom apartment in Islington, North London, rented from the Peabody Trust. Speaking of her home to The Telegraph last year, she said: “It’s rent controlled and I’ll have an apartment for the rest of my life. I also own a beach hut on the east coast. north Kent that I bought for £500 years ago.”

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When asked if she plans to retire, she said: “I will have to keep working until I quit because I don’t have a personal pension. I think my family will help me through my financial difficulties. really.”

Sara Pascoe hosts the show © James StackSara Pascoe introduces the program

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