The guy was filming the sunset when a strange creature suddenly popped out of the water

Joe Foster was filming a beautiful sunset off the coast of South Africa when the tide came in. He lowered the camera a little lower and suddenly strange creatures standing on eight legs appeared on the water.

The photos of Joe quickly went viral on social media and caused a flurry of comments. The creatures in the photo actually look a bit intimidating: they stand motionless, but as if they’re ready to charge.

I will never go into the water again. What the hell are these? Sea spider? – the commentators wrote.

One of Joe’s followers even sent the photo to an environmental scientist he knows. He just smiled and explained that the “creatures” in the photo pose no danger to humans at all.

It turned out to be pictures of aloe plants. The ocean gave them such a strange shape. Most likely the plants were hiding in the waves, and when the tide started to recede, they appeared:

However, Joe is still receptive. Many are looking for proof that he killed plants.

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