The Legacy Character Halloween Ends MUST Finally Introduce

Halloween is over Perfect to finally introduce a notorious but completely invisible successor to the franchise’s past: Ben Tramer. mentioned alone in 1978 halloweenhe has since been reintroduced into a new timeline set up by David Gordon Green in his movie halloween murdersecond part of his legacy halloween trilogy of works. However, fans have yet to see the mysterious Bentramer, who now looks more like a legend than a human.

Not much is known about Ben in the new timeline other than Laurie Strode, who quickly confessed her feelings to him to Annie Bracket in ’78. halloweenLaurie then mentions a second time that she and Sheriff Hawkins miss each other. halloween murder. When Annie asked Laurie who she wanted to dance with in the ’78s halloweenshe wasted no time naming Ben Tramer.exist halloween murder, Laurie and Hawkins live in the same ward. Thanks again to the infamous Michael Myers; both severely injured, but they have shared memories over the years, with Hawkins talking about Laurie’s feelings for Ben, but not mentioning him further.

Since Green reintroduced relatively minor legacy characters into his franchise’s timeline such as Tommy Doyle, Lindsay Wallace, and even Doctor Loomis’ former assistant Marion Chambers, Green had to eventually hand over life for Bent Lamer and mark his time at the upcoming Green. Halloween is over. This character has been mentioned for almost fifty years, and still no one cares about it. A mention in the 78s halloween It is possible to specify a line at a time for a minor character. But the second mention halloween murderDecades and later completely reconstructed timelines suggest interesting winks, nostalgia, or hopefully hints of long-awaited revelations.

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In addition to the new David Gordon Green movie timeline, Ben Tramer also appeared in the 1981 film Halloween two (direct sequel to ’78 .) halloweenby the infamous horror master John Carpenter). The movie doesn’t go into a new sequel halloween timeline. Still, it’s a necessary movie to understand why Green ended up having to recommend Ben Trammer, as it’s the only real look he gets, and it’s a miserable movie definitely worth it. redeemed. Although he hasn’t revealed it directly to the audience here, at least he’s there. Unfortunately for Ben, however, he was killed when a police car rammed him into a parked truck, and it was assumed he was Michael Myers. His Halloween costume is very similar to Michael’s, so that’s understandable, but sad nonetheless. Halloween two reveals how tragic Bentramer’s backstory has been so far, and Halloween is over Mark a great opportunity for redemption.

Even though David Gordon Green chooses to revisit the ’78 . movies halloween Next part, halloween murder part of 1981 really Halloween two part of the new schedule. Since the archival footage doesn’t talk to Ben, he’s probably still alive and that’s okay, since neither Laurie nor Hawkins mention he’s dead. The basis for his possible recommendation comes directly from 2018 halloween, Laurie revealed that she was divorced twice and had a one-night stand with a man at a local pub and gave birth to her daughter Karen Nelson. Any of these three unnamed men could easily be Ben; This is the perfect opportunity to legitimize Ben as a possible character and reveal Karen’s mysterious father Halloween is over. With her daughter’s death halloween murderLaurie Strode needs all the help she can muster and having Ben by her side could help her make it to the final halloween Confront Michael Myers.

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There’s always been a mystery behind Ben Tramer’s enigmatic legacy. He doesn’t make an official appearance in the new film, and his tragic death in the original timeline provided a creative crossroads for the character. Halloween is over was a perfect opportunity to cover his backstory from the short timeline he was in Halloween two By finally giving a real face to Ben Tramer’s legacy.

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