WarFriends MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited ammo, grenades) 5.7.0

Gun handling is always very difficult without proper training. But you can exercise comfortably without any impact. WarFriends will be the best place for you to satisfy your passion for fighting. Together with friends create thrilling battles on important battlefields. Showing off your fighting skills can bring the ultimate victory. Great things are waiting for you on the road ahead.

Speaking of racquets, we must be familiar with it. These are the games that always occupy the top positions in the market. But to be simple and attractive, it is not easy to reach the top of WarFriends. It will give you a dramatic and challenging campaign, while providing players with free access to all the most incredible military weapons. Create a war zone full of chaos and danger that you cannot ignore.

Download WarFriends mod – control the battlefield with your weapons

This is a very chaotic battlefield, so you need to pay attention to your controls. In particular, the shield or barrier is what helps you to be safe. Hide behind this fence and attack to avoid being attacked by enemies. But if you attack, you have revealed your weakness, and so will the enemy. Take advantage of this opportunity to destroy them with precise aim. You can quickly move back and forth between the obstacles. If you don’t want to get hit, you should wait for the exact moment to move. Fight many battles to gain experience and new tactics.

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It is completely possible to shoot continuously and destroy the fence where the enemy is hiding. This will create the space needed to put the enemy at a disadvantage. Let them have less hiding places and face you directly. However, the barrier will recover after a certain time. If you want the enemy to be destroyed, don’t waste your chance.

WarFriends Mod Free

strengthen the army

To make your team more substantial, you need to update the combat units. These units will effectively support you in the fight against the enemy. Infantry will include combat robots, assassins, automatic machine guns or mercenaries. The amphibious force does not have combat helicopters, nuclear missiles or relief supplies. Once these troops have accumulated enough strength, they can be summoned. Gives you a lot of advantages and puts the opponent at a disadvantage. Hurry up and send them to heaven in a short time. Upgrade these units to make them more and more important.

find new weapons

Your arsenal in WarFriends is very diverse to choose and use. These weapons will include pistols, rifles, sniper rifles or machine guns. Each of these guns has its pros and cons when used in combat. In your inventory will be equipped with main guns, specific guns and pistols. Specialized guns are usually bazookas, laser guns or other firearms. You can put any gun you like in these positions. Find high rarity guns in special packs to make them even more powerful.

Friend of War mod apk

ranking battle

If you want to show your talent in battle, you can choose to participate in the qualifying competition. Here you will team up with other players and fight together. Your team and the enemy will try to kill as many people as possible and increase your score. If the team has the higher score at the end of the countdown, that team wins. The rules of the game seem simple but extremely challenging, especially for new players. You have to push yourself to the limit to win. Points will be added for each win and points will be deducted for each loss. When you accumulate enough, you will be promoted to a higher position.

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WarFriends Mod for Android

invite your friends to play

Of course, WarFriends allows you to invite friends to join. Team up to battle and even level up in exciting modes. Playing with friends offers players a variety of benefits. First of all, the possibility of combinations is high and the odds of winning are higher. Two is to support each other when you are in trouble quickly and effectively. The third is the ability to create diverse strategies that require high difficulty. Coming to the WarFriends mod, you will have more fun in no time.

Download WarFriends MOD APK for Android (Menu, Unlimited Ammo, Grenades)

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