Why Gadreel Is (Kind Of) The Main Character Of Supernatural Season 9

This is how Fallen Angel Gadreal became the leader Supernatural Part 9. CW’s Supernatural First released in 2005, the film follows the adventures of the Winchesters, raised by their father John, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan (zombie), to hunt supernatural beings such as demons, ghosts and various monsters. Blending brotherly comedy with chilling horror, the show quickly found a cult following.

Although the show’s creators envision it running for about five seasons at most, Supernatural It ran for fifteen seasons and exceeded all expectations. In the series’ 300 episodes, the Winchesters have gone to hell several times, literally and figuratively, and fans will be sad to see it end in 2020. The series also spawned a spin-off. cartoon Supernatural: Anime Series In 2011.

Supernatural Season 9 opens with Sam Winchester, played by Jared Padalecki (Friday the 13th), in a coma following the events of the previous installment. In desperation, his younger brother Dean (Jason Ackles) enlists the help of an angel to save his life. Dean lets the angel Ezekiel possess his brother to cure him, promising to keep it a secret from Sam. However, it turns out that the real angel is not Ezekiel but Gadreel, the former guardian of Eden. Gadreel’s failure to prevent Lucifer from entering the garden indirectly led to minor events such as the alienation of humanity and the creation of demons and hell. Gadreel is tortured endlessly by failure and seeks redemption in the process Supernatural Season 9.

Gadreel teamed up with Metatron played by Curtis Armstrong (delighted!), to help him rebuild Heaven. Even though he is an opponent in many ways Supernatural In Season 9, Gadreel finally becomes the hero in the “Do you believe in miracles?” ending, sacrificing himself to help stop Metatron. In a sense, technically, Thanos is the main character Avengers: Infinity War, it can be said that Gadreel is the key protagonist of the ninth season. He owns about a third of the season with the lead role of Sam played by actor Tahmoh Penikett (steel man) for the rest of the series.

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Gadreel is one of the most tragic characters Supernatural, one of his mistakes had huge consequences. In Season 9, he is willing to take dark action to try to atone for their defeat, but after realizing his mistake, he is willing to sacrifice himself to help the heroes save the situation. Supernatural As a villain, Gadreel isn’t as popular as the likes of Crowley or even Lucifer, but he’s undeniably one of the most important.

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