The Most Hilarious Shrek Memes The Internet Has Given Us

Shrek has pretty much become one big meme in itself. What started off as a popular Dreamworks series consisting of four films has slowly become an internet sensation for people who have a very distinct sense of humor. This humor is specifically known as “troll humor”. While many people scoff at the low-brow comedy that is derived from this brand of comedy, most people would consider “trolling” to be an art in itself. Shrek has become the ultimate muse for internet memes, and we’re so glad this is the case. While our world can barely agree on anything, what we can all seem to agree on is the fact that Shrek Memes are freaking iconic.

So in honor of the brilliant phenomena that is Shrek memes, let’s take a look at some of the funniest Shrek memes of all time.

Shrek 2 Live Action Cast

With the enormous amount of live-action movie remakes coming out in 2019, it seems surprising to all of us that there hasn’t yet been a live-action version of Shrek. So far we’ve gotten Dumbo, Cinderella, Beauty and The Beast, and The Jungle Book, but where the hell is the Shrek live-action remake? It is clear by this meme that there is a perfect set of beloved actors who would absolutely crush these epic roles. It could be Meryl Streep’s most iconic movie role yet. She might even win an Oscar for it.

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Who else wants to start a petition demanding a Shrek live-action remake?

You’ll Never Shine If You Don’t Glow…

This meme originally comes from the “Roll Safe” image where it usually is captioned with jokes that mock poor decisions with positive outcomes as a result. The song lyrics come from All-Star by Smash Mouth, the most amazing Shrek song of all time.

Who doesn’t remember blasting the song with their friends while singing along at the top of their lungs? It’s pretty much the staple of our childhood. Smash Mouth probably had no idea that it was creating a song with lyrics that would go down in history as  philosophical genius.

Profile Pic vs. Tagged Photo

Those of us who are active on social media have all experienced this before. We have all of our gorgeous profile pictures stored and we look through them thinking about how flawless we are, only to be tagged in a photo where we look like we just got ran over by a truck. It’s a common meme to put two pictures of the same person side by side, one where they look flawless and the other where the look like a total wreck. In this case, Shrek would of course be considered the “tag photo” and “looking like Shrek” has been used as an insult since the movie White Chicks came out back in 2004 when one of the main characters claimed that she “looks like f***ing Shrek!”

It’s okay, Shrek. We think you’re cute.

Guys Only Want One Thing…

This is a hilarious tweet because it’s kind of true. What men and women really want at the end of the day is to have Shrek 2 come out on Netflix. It’s not like we’re asking for a lot! It’s simple, really.

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It is widely assumed that the human population is greedy and that we want everything in the world to be handed to us, yet all we are really asking for is one little movie to be placed on Netflix. It would probably solve a lot of our worlds issues if we all had instant access to the cinema classic that is Shrek 2.

The Face You Make After A Terrible Presentation

While most people learned how to solve the quadratic formula in school, a good majority of us learned how to BS an assignment. We would figure out little ways to pretend we read the assigned book when in reality, we didn’t even bother to read the Spark Notes version. Sometimes though, our BS approach fails to work. When we give out a presentation where we have zero idea what we’re talking about, this is the exact face of guilt we make.  Shrek can be so relatable sometimes…It’s like he gets us on a personal level.

That’s an interesting order of movie titles…

Sometimes signs are written out in an unfortunate order. In this case, the list of movies are put in an order that suggests a band of kinky pirates decided to get groovy with a giant green ogre. To each their own! We can’t help but crack up at this poorly planned order of films listed. Or was it poorly planned? Did the people who formed this list know exactly what they were doing? Maybe they were trolling moviegoers into putting the films in this order. If it involves Shrek, they were probably trolling if we’re gonna be honest…

Father John Misty is Shrek?

Father John Misty and Shrek come from two completely different worlds. Although they are both All-Stars in their own right, Shrek fans tend to see the world in a humorous and trollish light while Father John Misty fans usually are named after a fruit and have a guitar that they named after some dead bearded poet.

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These fandoms pretty much come from separate universes, one that is high-brow and one that is low-brow. Placing Shrek in the Father John Misty section of the record store was likely to annoy some people!

Is Human Shrek a total Babe?

Shrek humor is a big part of a lot of friendships. Sending each other Shrek memes is the staple of a lot of relationships, and rightfully so. A shared sense of humor is what brings people closest together, and here is a hilarious example of that. This generation is brought together with laughter, and asking your buddies whether or not Human Shrek is a straight-up hunk is just a part of growing up in this day and age. (Our stance? We think he’s a royal hottie.)

Shrek’s outfits are Goals

The internet is flooded with “Steal her look” images and so are magazines. If you want to look like a certain actor or actress that you admire, you search their name and add “steal their look” next to it. Usually, it lists stores and prices where you can get their exact outfit, yet no one would think to steal Shrek’s look unless they were a freakin’ GENIUS. Fashion icons better look out, because Shrek is clearly the most fashion-forward out of anyone in the land.

What are your favorite Shrek memes? Let us know!

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