The ‘naked biker’ photo which has left thousands of internet users scratching their heads

A BIZARRE image of a “naked” biker has baffled the internet leaving people scratching their heads trying to work out what’s really going on.

The photo, first posted on Reddit , appears to show what looks like a nude man and woman riding astride a motorbike.


The bike rider appears to be completely nakedCredit: Reddit

But all is not as it seems and it is actually a mind-bending optical illusion which has already fooled thousands.

“Tell me I’m not the first one who saw a naked man at first sight,” one person captioned the snap.

Another wrote: “I’ve given up on reality. Things just don’t make sense like they used to.”

Not much is known about where the intriguing picture was taken, but it’s reported to have originated somewhere in South Korea.

At first, some thought there was a mannequin between the two riders, but the truth is far more simple.

 But the picture is actually a mind-bending optical illusion


But the picture is actually a mind-bending optical illusionCredit: Reddit

The photo actually shows the bike rider without his shirt and wearing three-quarter length jeans.

His female passenger is wearing very short shorts and the skin of her thighs merges with his body to create the “naked biker” illusion.

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