The Out-Laws viewers saying same thing about Pierce Brosnan’s new Netflix comedy

Netflix’s new action comedy The Out-Laws hit the streaming platform over the weekend, and viewers took to Twitter to give their verdict on the film.

The film follows Adam Devine’s character Owen Browning, a stingy banker who is about to marry his longtime girlfriend Parker McDermott, played by him. Diary of a vampire star Nina Dobrev.

When Owen’s bank is robbed by notorious crime duo, The Ghost Bandits, shortly after his future wife arrives in town, he begins to think that Parker’s parents, played by Pierce Brosnan and Ellen Barkin, may have something to do with this. .

© NetflixAdam DeVine as Owen Browning in The Out-Laws

Viewers took to Twitter to praise the hilarious comedy, with one person writing: “DELAYERS was such a funny movie, I laughed out loud”, while another encouraged their Twitter followers watch the movie: “Guys. If you like comedy, you MUST watch @netflix’s #TheOutlaws. It’s super fun!”

One viewer even praised it as “one of the best comedies” they’ve seen in a while, writing on Twitter: “Makes me laugh a lot and you can’t go wrong with a movie featuring Pierce Brosnan & @EllenBarkin. @ADAMDEVINE killed it, one of his best movies & @ninadobrev is still as hot and sexy as ever. Check it out now!”

Adam Devine as Owen Browning, Nina Dobrev as Parker McDermott, Ellen Barkin as Lilly McDermott, Pierce Brosnan as Billy McDermott in The Out-Laws© Scott Yamano/Netflix © 2023 Viewers hailed the film as ‘fun’

Another tweeted to the actress Ellen, writing: “Watched the movie tonight and it was so much fun. You and Pierce were great. Very nice and highly recommended for those who are wondering and wondering about the movie. Should I watch it or not?”

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Many fans also expressed interest in the James Bond joke in the script. After Owen recreated the famous James Bond pose, Ellen’s character told him, “Yeah, you look like James Bond,” before explaining that she was referring to the version played by Pierce in the four films. films from 1994 to 2002.

“Oh, that’s great,” adds Pierce’s character Billy.

Pierce Brosnan as Billy McDermott, Ellen Barkin as Lilly McDermott in The Out-Laws© NetflixPierce Brosnan as Billy McDermott and Ellen Barkin as Lilly McDermott

Reacting to the moment on social media, one viewer tweeted: “#TheOutLaws was fun. Actually, that one scene convinced me of the whole movie. Looks like a James Bond thing. It killed,” while another quoted the scene and added: “#TheOutLaws is hilarious.”

What is Netflix’s The Out-Laws about?

The Out-Laws follows banker Owen, who is about to walk down the aisle and marry the love of his life, Parker. However, the same week that his future wives arrive in town for a wedding, Owen’s bank is robbed and he strongly suspects that Parker’s parents are responsible for the crime.

Describing the film, Adam Devine, who is also the producer of the comedy, said: “Click, click, there’s a gun pointed at my head and my bank is held hostage and banker. my goods were robbed. Basically, they were saying something that made me believe it was my husband’s parents, and I had to find out, ‘Is it true? [them]or not?'”

Adam DeVine as Owen Browning, Nina Dobrev as Parker McDermott in The Out-Laws© Netflix Nina Dobrev as Parker McDermott

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Discussing his character, Pierce said, “He’s a con man, he’s an outsider. He’s a loser. He and his wife aren’t what they say they are.

“We came to town because our daughter was getting married, and I don’t accept that young man, in any way. I don’t think he deserves my daughter’s heart. And I really do. is troubling him in the process of trying to flirt with her.”

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