The Proud Family: Louder & Prouder – The Main Characters, Ranked By Likability

Proud Family: Loud and Proud Released on Disney+ this February, bringing the original proud family Fans have a chance to go back in time to relive one of their favorite shows.back proud family The show ended on Disney Channel in 2005, and Disney picked it up right where fans had stopped.

The main characters are similar to those in the original series, but there are some new faces that are loved by fans. With the reboot’s success, fans are looking forward to the live-action version proud man family movies, but if that doesn’t work, fans can always check out their favorite characters in the Disney+ reboot.

Avenue La Sinega

LaCienega Boulevardez played Penny’s wealthy new neighbor in the original series. Boulevardez gets along with the Proud family, with the exception of Penny and LaCienega. La Sinega was never friendly with Penny and often bullied her. Given how much the two don’t like each other, it’s strange why they’re in the same group of friends.

The way Lasinega treats Penny doesn’t change in the reboot. She’s not the worst bully on TV, but she has an evil bent in her. When Lasinega reached her teenage years, she went through some tough situations, but that didn’t make her any softer or kinder to those around her. She is one of the least popular characters due to her “better than you” behavior.

dichonney jones

Penny, DiGione, Michael and Zoe talk in the street in 'Proud Family'

Dechone Jones is Penny Proud’s best friend. In the original series, Penny was more dependent on DiGione than Zoe and Lasinega. However, DiGione is not Penny’s good friend. In the reboot, the theme continues to be their friendship.

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DiCione is still Penny’s best friend, but he doesn’t hesitate to reveal her secrets or abandon her when better things come up. Luckily, after the reboot, Penny was busy with other projects and people other than Jonah, so she wasn’t just dependent on her. Due to her rudeness to Penny (who loves her), DiGonnay is not the most popular character.

Maya and Frances Leibovitz-Jenkins

Split image of Maya and Frances Leibovitz-Jenkins in 'A Proud Family'

And Proud Family: Loud and Proud One of the most anticipated shows of 2022, Disney has added several recurring faces to the show’s main characters. Maya and Frances move into Stitch’s old house, which is how Penny and the group met them.

At first, Maya didn’t fit in very well with the group and her brother wanted nothing to do with them. However, little by little, their personalities began to shine. Although Maya and Penny sometimes clash, Maya is committed to changing the world. Her maturity and heart make her beloved.

BeBe and CeCe are proud

Trudy joins Oscar and mom pushing twins in 'Proud Family'

BeBe and CeCe are Penny’s twins. In the original, the twins don’t talk much but always get themselves into trouble or mess things up. Sometimes they’re the little comedy that the setting needs.

Oscar’s mother, Mama Suga, often takes care of them, but she’s not always the best. In the reboot, the twins are now toddlers, but still haven’t talked much and haven’t been potty trained. Pride’s interactions with the twins make this reboot one of the best animated shows to watch on Disney+.

Zoe Hauser

Zoe Howzer on 'A Proud Family'

Zoe is one of Penny’s best friends, and she continues to show her devotion to Penny in the reboot. She is considered a “nerd” and shy in the group, but she never lets their cynical comments put her off.

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In the reboot, Zoe is still that character (but has matured a lot overnight). She remains committed to promoting world peace and being kind to those around her. What sets her apart from the team makes her an interesting addition to the show. Not many fans have a problem with Zoe because she’s friendly with the people around her.

oscar pride

Oscar chats with Trudy while holding his son in 'Proud Family'

Oscar Proud is Penny’s domineering but loving father. He owns a snack company called Proud Snacks that is poorly rated by consumers. Oscar wanted to believe he was the head of the family, but his wife Trudy let him take his place.

Oscar isn’t Disney’s best animated dad in the reboot, but he cares deeply for Penny. In the first episode, he hates his daughter for being a woman and wants her to remain his “little girl”. As annoying as Oscar is, his great heart for his family still shines. Despite his constant tantrums, it’s clear how much he cares about his family.

michael collins

Michael Collins talks to Penny outside 'Proud Family'

Michael Collins was one of the most pompous characters in the original series, and he continued his signature style in the reboot.

Fans remember that he was always dancing in the original series, but after the reboot, he became the flower he was always supposed to be. Michael is now filled with confidence and great fashion sense. He also spends more time with Penny and her group of girls, making him an important character. His loyalty is golden, but what makes him most beloved is his support for Penny.

Suga’s mother

Suga Mama is super strong on Proud Family Louder and Prouder

The humor that Mama Suga created Bigger and prouder One of the best comedies on Disney+. Mama Suga from the original series is indistinguishable from the fan-favorite reboot.

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As Oscar’s elderly mother, she lived with the Proud family and took care of Bebe and CeCe, although she eventually fell asleep watching them. She is known for saying weird things and loves to wrestle, which makes her one of the funniest characters. Mama Suga is also very caring about her family and loves Penny very much. It’s hard not to love her.


Trudy hugs Penny in front of Oscar's 'Proud Family'

Trudy Proud is Penny’s mother. Unlike Oscar, Trudy has always understood Penny’s roots and did everything in her power to help her in her time of need. However, that doesn’t mean Trudy loves her teenage daughter. Trudy gives her daughter intense love in her time of need and ensures that Penny will eventually become a good person.

Trudy is also a veterinarian and breadwinner of the family, as well as the owner of his own clinic. In the reboot, Trudy now owns a mobile veterinary hospital, allowing her to help even more patients. Her love for family and animals has made her one of Disney’s greatest moms.

pride coin

Penny poses for the camera 'Proud Family'

Penny Proud is the most famous character in the series. As the star of the show, Penny’s maturity is shown in every episode. She is the same character in the original series, but in the reboot she becomes a woman. Her father may have had issues with her growing up, but Penny likes the changes she’s made.

In the reboot, Penny is strong, confident and doesn’t fret over the little things when it comes to finding herself again. She has learned her lesson in most episodes and is a precious friend and daughter. Because of her need to be a good person and her honesty growing up, Penny is the most popular character.

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