The Repair Shop’s Jay Blades reveals show forced to stop filming after heartbreaking story left crew in tears

Repair Shop star Jay Blades revealed the show was forced to stop filming during an episode that aired last year after the crew broke down in tears.

In a new interview, the restoration expert revealed that the cast and crew were “totally confused” after one of the show’s guests told a heartbreaking story about their treasured possession. he.

The episode in question saw Heather McPherson and her 12-year-old grandson Jacob walk through a warehouse door with a Victorian desk in need of some TLC.

© BBC Jacob’s story made the team cry

The table holds fond memories of Jacob’s father, who passed away when he was only six years old. “Whenever I sit at the table, I feel like Dad is with me and whenever I smile, he’s somewhere smiling with me and sharing the joy of being with my family,” Jacob explains. with Jay and carpentry expert Will Kirk. in the episode.

Talking about the emotion that guest stories have on professionals, Jay told the Daily Mail’s Weekend Magazine: “You have some stories that were tough. There was a story when we had to stop filming. movie because everyone cried.

heather and grandson jacob in the repair shop warehouse© BBC Jacob’s father died when he was only 6 years old

‘Whenever I sit down at the table, I feel like Dad is with me,’ Jacob tells the camera, but during the shoot he stops and says, ‘Jay, why is everyone crying?’ “

Jay continued, “I hugged about six of the cameramen because they were completely mesmerized,” before revealing a specific detail of Jacob’s story that is memorable: “When his father passed away, everyone at school bullies him, saying terrible things about him the way he talks about it makes you…

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“I don’t know if you get that feeling when you want to hit a bully? Everyone feels that way.”

Jay Blades, Will Kirk and guests Heather and Jacob© BBCJay Blades and Will Kirk moved by the story

Jay also revealed that show professionals can talk to a counselor after hearing the difficult stories of visitors to the barn.

“Fortunately, we can talk to advisors,” the 53-year-old explains. “We are ordinary people who can be affected by the story of family deaths because we have them too.

Will Kirk, Jay Blades and Steve Fletcher of The Repair Shop barn© BBC Program experts have access to mentors

“You listen to this story and it comes to you. You do four of them in one day of filming? Oh, you’re going to have to talk to someone.”

Not only are the experts new to tissues thanks to the touching stories told on the show, but viewers often wipe away their tears as they listen, and the latest episode is no different.

In a special section, the experts began work on four precious artifacts commemorating the contribution of the Windrush generation to the UK, including an 80-year-old British passport first issued in Jamaica and a coffin. He traveled from Nevis Island to the UK in 1956.

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Praising the episode on Twitter, one person wrote: “I’ve always loved #TheRepairShop and found it very moving, especially the episode #Windrush. People’s lives and memories are often associated with very ordinary things. “

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Keithly and the suitcase in the warehouse © RicochetKeithly brings the coffin to the warehouse during the Windrush special event

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