The shelter dog has a pool of his own, but he still prefers his bucket.

The Austin Animal Center has play areas and a dog house with buckets of water ready to be cleaned. But when Centaur looks at the crates, all he sees is a special place just for him.

An unusual dog came to the shelter on St. Patrick’s Day. Since then, he has pleased the staff with his antics. Kelsey Cler, Marketing and Communications Program Manager at ACC, describes Centaur as complete bullshit! He is smart and full of energy.

So he started struggling in the shelter the longer he was here. He likes to play catch. Once he takes all the energy, he is a big light.

Centaur first discovered his beloved bucket in early May. That’s when Texas experienced an unusual heat wave. Cler thought he wanted to cool his teeth in water.

When the shelter posted a photo of a 4-year-old dog in a bucket on Facebook, viewers started a campaign to get their hands on Centaura’s kids’ swimming pool. They happily believe that the dog will be excited to have more space to play.

However, his reaction was not what they wanted to see. Even with this incredible swimming pool, Centaur still gets sucked into his bucket. It’s the right size though. When they posted it on Facebook, people suggested a group, and when it was a group, this weirdo was still in the group.

After a month, Centaur finally decided to split his time equally between the tank and the bucket. Now he seems to like the pool.

[But], still like to the barrel! Even with a pool. The Centaur is an adorable, cheerful dog. But he still doesn’t have a forever home. They hope to meet the right person soon. He loves adventures. Whoever adopts him is seriously going to get the dumbest boy ever.

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