The Walking Dead: The 5 Tallest (& 5 Shortest) Actors In The Main Cast

Zombie killers come in all sizes, especially when it comes to zombieAMC’s dark survival drama, which recently aired episodes originally planned for the end of season 10, has proven that no character, big or small, can learn how take down Walker. The only question is – what weapon should they use?

one in two zombieThe strongest character, Carol, teaching the kids how to use knives and how to clean a gun, or Negan banging his head with Lucille, there’s always room for everyone in a zombie apocalypse. But for curious fans, questions like “Where did Negan come from?” zombie? ‘ appears frequently. Fun for all ages, Season 10’s resident cast is varied in size.

the tallest actor in the undead

Josh McDermitt, 6 feet tall.

Eugene is clumsy and aloof, and his famous quotes may make him look cooler than he really is, and he may even be socially awkward, but compared to any other human No other object in the film, his genius is unparalleled.

Although he sometimes struggles with his own cowardice, such as when he joined the Redeemers, Eugene time and time again proved to be sensitive, caring, and resourceful. He’s played by 6-foot-tall Josh McDermitt.

Ross Marquand, 6 feet. ½

Rose Marquand as Aaron in The Walking Dead

Aaron has been a key member of Alexandria since before Aaron recruited Rick’s party members into the safe zone. Despite losing her boyfriend Eric and his arm, Aaron’s kindness never waned for long.

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In any case, he fought bravely for his friend and adopted daughter Gracie. Aaron, played by Ross Marquand, is 6 and a half feet tall.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, 6ft. first

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan in The Walking Dead

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, 1m68 tall, has been playing the fierce Negan since 2016. Fans have witnessed Negan’s transformation from an authoritarian leader who loves to kill Glenn (a personal quote. things that make you wish he was still on the show) and Abraham’s breakdown of a man who ends up regretting his ways and just wanting one at home.

He proved himself in seasons nine and ten, notably his friendship with Judith, and his inroads into the Whisperers.

Cooper Andrews, 6-foot-2

Jerry in armor seen from The Walking Dead

As King Ezekiel’s loyal bodyguard before the kingdom fell, Jerry, despite his large build, was a kind-hearted teddy bear who would do anything for his friends.

He lives in a dying world, but he still manages to stay optimistic, even getting married and becoming a part of Hilltop’s leadership. Jerry is played by 6-foot-2 Cooper Andrews.

Ryan Hurst, 6 feet. 4½

Ryan Hirst plays Beta in The Walking Dead.

Before the world fell, not much is known about Whisperer’s life, other than a glimpse into his past as a famous country singer and his dedication to the world. him for his alphas and their humans.

Played by Ryan Hurst, who also stars in miss giants And son of anarchyy, Hurst is taller than many of his teammates at 6’4½”.

The shortest actor in the zombies

Casady McClincy, 5 ft.4

Kasadie McClinsey as Lydia in 'The Walking Dead'

Kasadie McClinthy, 20, played a prominent role last season as Lydia, a former Whisperers member and daughter of Alpha.

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Strong but emotionally exhausted after years of abuse, she feels like an outsider in Alexandria and finds solace in others who feel the same way, like Negan, Darryl, and Carol . McClincy is one of the shorter actors, standing 5 feet 4 inches tall.

Paola Lazaro, 5 ft. 3

The surprisingly kind nature and colorful fashion sense of Juanita Sanchez (aka “Princess”) is just what the zombie apocalypse needs! Despite living in solitude with only hair dye options and traps to keep her busy, her vivacious personality shines through when she meets Eugene, Ezekiel, and the rest.

Paola Lazaro is 5 feet 3 and a half inches tall.

Samantha Morton, 5 feet. 3

Alpha and Negan in The Walking Dead Season 10

1.5m tall, Samantha Morton has worked in various fields of television and film, from Hulu’s prostitutes arrive Harry Potter turns out Where are the wonderful beasts.

Her excellence really shows through in her portrayal of her bald counterpart, Alpha. Ruthless and calculating, Negan skillfully won her trust and eventually defeated the small but mighty Whisperer leader in one of the highest levels. zombie The villain dies.

Lauren Riedloff, 5ft. 2

The penultimate TWD character on this list is Lauren Ridloff, 5’2″ tall and deaf. She plays Connie, who is not only smart and kind but also one of the few people that Darryl likes the most in the whole series. movie.

Their friendship is only budding when they are separated in a catastrophic cave collapse. While fans are relieved to see her alive in the season 10 finale, they can only hope she returns to the team safely.

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Cailey Fleming, 4 ft. 4

Kelly Fleming as Judith in 'The Walking Dead'

As one of the youngest recurring characters on the show, Judith has completely settled into her brother’s place over the past few seasons. Little Judith Grimes at zombiewith all the swagger and perseverance it takes to take care of yourself so easily in this world, and the sweetness it takes to make it a good place again.

Cailey Fleming, at Divine Power AwakensAbout 4’4 but still growing.

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