The Witcher: 10 Things They Got Wrong About Jaskier In The Netflix Show

Easy, one of the highlights of the new Netflix that wizard The main character of the series is Jaskier, a humorous and funny bard and Geralt’s best friend. While Jaskill has many fans falling in love with him, there’s still a lot they don’t know. Especially since Jaskill’s in-game counterpart, Dandelion, is a lot different.

While all fans can spend the next year dreaming up new adventures for Jaskier in season 2, until then let’s compare the video game and TV series characters. He’s bound to engage in some self-criticism, right?

…probably not, but here are 10 things that went wrong about Jaskill on the Netflix show.

his name

on Netflix wizard In the series, Geralt’s charismatic poet’s best friend is named Jaskill.if you ask wizard Fans (not familiar with Polish), this is not the name of our favorite bard. A little research reveals that Jaskill’s name in the translation is Dandelion.Although the dandelion has many names, one of them uses wizard The series is the untranslated title, Jaskier.

I guess Netflix thought it was stupid to name one of its protagonists a dandelion.

It is truly their loss. Dandelion’s name is just the icing on the cake for his absurd performance.

Meet Geralt

Henry Cavill’s Geralt meets Jaskill one day in a tavern, and the bard begins to stalk him, and in the books and video games, the pair’s first meeting is even more fascinating and complex. Of course, they do later encounter remnants of the elf kingdom, but they meet because Dandelion seduces a woman in the background while her brothers are hunting him down and taking his life.

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Geralt, reluctantly, helped make sure the brothers didn’t tear Dandelion’s limbs from his body.

It does, however, reflect Geralt’s purpose for attending Pavita’s royal engagement party with Jaskill. This is very neat.

priceless pipa

Wizard Jaskill bard playing lute

Looking at most that wizard Series (books and video games) Dandelion always has this priceless lute with her. It makes great music and Dandelion/Jaskier loves it for that. After all, it helps him make good music, if you know what that means.

However, in this series, the specific situation is not quite the same as that of Pipa. After all, Dandelion got the lute in his first adventure with Geralt. When Dandelion met the elves, the elves gave them a priceless and beautiful lute.

While meeting Geralt did boost his career, that didn’t happen in the series. Guys, throw a coin at your wizard.

awkward speaker

Wizard Dandelion and Priscilla

In the most recent Netflix series, Jaskill has been more awkward than Dandelion. While he’s a troublemaker who gets himself into ridiculous situations, he’s also an eloquent guy who captivates everyone around him.

Jaskill often slurs and flirts with women who aren’t interested in him, and it’s all really awkward. Just because he sings well and has guts doesn’t take away that embarrassment.

Jaskill is a great character, but he’s not as fearless and charming as Dandelion. Wild, considering the guy’s name is Dandelion.

biographer of geralt

wizard dandelion

As a wizard, Geralt only cared about destroying the world’s monsters and getting paid for it. He wasn’t really attracted to fame. Dandelion, however, was fascinated by Geralt’s life and enjoyed using his stories to gain fame for himself. While Dandelion does write songs and poems, in the books and games, Dandelion is also obsessed with writing his biography.

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However, fate was not against him, as two different copies of his book were lost or burned.

Ultimately, Dandelion did write Geralt’s entire story. However, Jaskill doesn’t seem to have the same ambitions. It seems that he is quite satisfied with the song.

Soft look

Dandelion with one hand on the waist and the other outstretched

if there is one thing wizard Fans will notice right away, and what Jaskill might confuse them with is his appearance. In the video game, Dandelion is a very flamboyant man, wearing brightly colored clothes with puffy sleeves and even a curly mustache. Oh, and a giant hat.

It’s safe to say that Jaskier’s look is a bit understated compared to its standard style. And for the most part, it’s probably more like something else entirely. His clothes were brighter than the others, and poofy, but aside from the brown hair, he looked completely different.

Let’s leave it to the hardcore fans to decide if this is a good change.

abandoned noble

Netflix wizard The series has a lot to cover, so it makes sense that it never made it into Jaskill’s backstory. However, if Dandelion is anything like that, the guy is actually a member of the nobility. He just gave up his position because he preferred to be a bard. That hasn’t stopped him from often relying on family money, though.

Jaskill, on the other hand, appears to be broke. That’s how fans know him, he’s begging for food when his girlfriend kicks him out, and he doesn’t seem to have a place to live. This seems like a whole different origin story, and hopefully it will be explained in the next few seasons.

Geralt’s kindness

The Witcher season 1 song Geralt Jaskill

A central part of Geralt and Dandelion’s friendship is how they’re different and how they balance each other out. Also, another core part is that Geralt is almost always annoyed with him. However, in the Netflix episode, Geralt seems to be more unkind to Jaskill than ever.

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Sure, they had a spat, but his language towards Jaskill was not kind, bordering on abusive, not least because he refused to call him a friend.

Geralt and Dandelion bickered a lot, but even Geralt, who was amnesiac, at least accepted the fact that Dandelion was his oldest friend. It’s just a little frustrating.

his role in the adventures of gods

In the books, Geralt and Dandelion encounter the gods a little differently. The Netflix series places the blame on Geralt, but in the original story, Jaskill was the one who discovered and opened the gods alone. The god wasn’t upset about asking the wrong person, it just found Dandelion too annoying to answer.


Jaskill is at least the collateral damage that Geralt has to take care of, since he’s the one who seeks out the gods, slightly strengthening their bond. Dandelion almost died because a magical creature tried to shut him up.

Bard’s reputation

Wizard Jaskill at the Banquet

One of the biggest differences between Netflix’s Jaskill and his Dandelion counterpart is his fame. Although Jaskier seemed to have some success in spreading his songs, he remained a relatively unknown bard with little fame or money. Dandelion, on the other hand, is known throughout the African continent as a famous singer and writer.

One could blame the time period for this, but it’s not. Dandelion was known for his work before becoming an official bard. This is not Jaskier’s story.

I guess as the seasons go on, fans can see what else has changed for their favorite singer.

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