This puppy had a hard time losing his puppies, but he soon found solace.

Nothing can compare to the beauty of the natural relationship that occurs between a mother and her offspring, no matter what species they are.

It made us think how painful it is to lose baby mice, especially if they are babies.

Rosa was separated from her breeder after she became depressed over the loss of her puppies. Rosa is a chihuahua that has become the best example of this. She unfortunately gave birth to the puppies prematurely, causing her to lose everything.

She went to a former Hound Hound shelter in Minnesota after being caught from a commercial breeder.

The introduction of orphans will determine whether Rosa accepts them as her own or rejects them. It was clear that Rosa was deeply saddened by her loss, but they didn’t know that despite their grief, the chihuahua was so lucky.

Hours after being taken to the shelter, rescuers received a call about five two-week-old puppies whose mother had just died of a seizure.

See how tenderly Rosa took these orphans. In theory, a lonely mother and helpless children seem like perfectly fitting pieces. Although everything seemed to be the perfect solution, no one was sure if Rosa really wanted to take care of the orphans.

Introducing puppies to adoptive parents is always difficult. Some mothers smell other puppies and immediately decide not to accept them, but Rosa’s case is certainly different.

The happiness of the chihuahua is so great that it seems that it has received the 5 greatest gifts in history. She immediately started cleaning them while letting them suckle.

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She carefully put them away, counted them again, and decided to love them with all her heart. Now they are her puppies.

Rosa couldn’t be happier with her new puppies. Rosa is definitely a strong girl and is destined to be a mother. At her shelter, they plan to neuter the dog after the lactation ends, so the experience will be unique to her.

Fortunately for Rosa, her grief was soon eased and in the best possible way, thanks to the fact that a litter of lovely, beautiful orphans had entered her life.

The whole family is currently in foster care. The puppies are said to be old enough to be adopted by other families. And now this perfect family is sharing happy days.

This perfect family is preparing for a new life

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