Timing Is Right For WWE To Split The Street Profits & Push Montez Ford

Not all tagging groups have been split up by WWE, but Street Profits have always seemed destined to be single stars. In any other recent era, Montezford and Angelo Dawkins would have won multiple championships in their divisions thanks to their physicality and natural charisma. Unfortunately for them, they exist on the same timeline as the organized Usos.blood members knock down titled 540 days and rough 234 belts. This continuity is good for the league’s prestige, but not for street profits.

Several times, Ford and Dawkins ended up as second-in-command of Usos. There are worse things in WWE than a tag team that almost always gets a four or five star match from the championship. However, that could be the ceiling for The Street Profits, while The Bloodline continues to outpace the red and blue brands. There was also no reason to think that the factions would collapse anytime soon. WWE has been trying to cheer Roman Reigns for over five years, but they won’t stop doing it voluntarily. For these and other reasons, the time is ripe for Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins to part ways.

Raw has room for some new solos like Montez Ford

rough In a weird state right now, the Triple H storyline that pulls the trigger after taking creative control is slowly getting stale. For nearly half a year, the stage at the United States Championship revolved around three men — Seth Rollins, Austin Theory, and Bobby Lashley. All Judgment Day games end the same way. AJ Styles broke his ankle, dampening the OC’s momentum as a faction, and fans were unconvinced by Bayley’s heel run. The red brand has room for a new star that can rock things in no time, and that’s where Montezford comes in.

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WWE may be going through a basic tag team unraveling corner here, but it would be more fun if Ford and Dawkins continued to be friends on screen. In WWE, babyfaces are often left to their own devices and heels to beat them. Montes and Angelo did not suffer the same fate. Instead, they could topple Usos by admitting that they’re the better team they are right now, while also pointing out that they’ve reached new heights after Jey Uso entered the main event. They can look at each other’s backs as they do their jobs, reminiscent of a new day.

It doesn’t have to be a forever goodbye, just a temporary one as Ford strikes out for himself and sees what he’s achieved. Already one of the hottest stars in pro wrestling (with all due respect to the young Bucks), few stars can ignite the crowd quite like Ford. His rage and outburst is rivaled by a few stars on the WWE roster. Ford also seemed to understand the importance of each moment, slowing down when necessary before a hurricane struck. At least Montez is ready to hit the field and rock the US Championship stage. However, his long-term prospects for going it alone may be dimmer.

Is there room for a long-term single Montez Ford?

Montez Ford is not old. He will turn 33 in May, still young in modern professional wrestling. Furthermore, there may not be room for another wrestler to join the top group. Roman Reigns could be part time later wrestling mania 39, But WWE may still want him to attend major events. Bron Breaker has done almost everything he has to do in NXT, and the 25-year-old blue chip won’t be on the main roster to feud with Dolph Ziggler or Mustafa Ali. Brock Lesnar, a cowboy and cyborg hybrid, could wrestle three or four times a year for another five or six years if he wanted to. WWE still seems committed to promoting Theory as a big name, with Seth Rollins possibly the most popular performer in the company and Cody Rhodes getting well soon.

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That leaves little room for someone like Ford to create a niche for himself in the years to come. However, his tools are very different from those of the superstars mentioned above. Maybe it got to the point where he was at home at the US or Intercontinental Championships, while occasionally playing against the men’s Grand Slam champion. This directly parallels The Street Profits’ position as a tag team, as they have pushed Usos to the limit of tag titles on multiple occasions. Under Triple H, these subheadings are also elevated to a higher status. Seatbelts are a great place for anyone to enter right now, including Ford.

Fans have not seen Ford make a grudge against anyone rough or knock down’top star. Pushing a singleton to him now will create some new feuds within the company, and who knows what will happen once Montez gets the mic. Sometimes, the stars manage to outdo themselves in major plot-altering ways. Just look at what Sami Zayn has done to what was once a tiny foothold in The Bloodline arc. Ford has this kind of talent, it’s time for WWE to let him work on a solo scene and see what happens. Worst case scenario, ‘Street Profits’ comes back warmly lateWrestlemania 39 plot. The best-case scenario for WWE is that Ford has to prove himself a rich star that can play nightly with the likes of Theory, Rollins, and Rhodes.

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