Red X’s True Identity Is Finally Revealed as [SPOILER] by DC

warning! spoiler Teen Titans Academy #12 DC Comics

DC Comics has finally confirmed the true identity of Red X, revealed to be Titan Academy student Brick Pettiroso.exist Teen Titans Academy #12, Pettirosso reveals himself to be behind the fourth and current version of Red X. However, shortly after his shocking revelation, the second Red X has returned with some bad news for the Titans.

There are many versions of Red X in the world of DC comics and animation. Initially, Dick Grayson joined teen giant Animated series in which secretly fight the death knell. The second Red X comes after Grayson relinquishes the role as he becomes the hero’s rival and rival. future state In this case, Red X returns as one of Earth’s last hopes against Raven and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Now, readers are learning about the identity of that version of Red X, a familiar face and one of the current students of Teen Titans Academy.

exist Teen Titans Academy #12 Written by Tim Sheridan, Tom Derenick, Alex Sinclair and Rob Leigh, the Teen Titans and Academy students flee after a collapsed building is destroyed by Red X. After telling the students that the Titans and Nightwing need to stop and that they are using them, Red X rips off his mask, revealing that he is Brick Pettirosso – the student throughout the series. .

Considering all the clues indicating that the student driving the EMP is the new Red X, the revelation makes sense. Brick immediately makes the shocking revelation that he is Nightwing’s son, which is his primary motivation, but Dick directly rejects this theory, telling them that their blood sample shows genetic mismatch. So, who told Brick he was Nightwing’s son? Second red X. teen giant The perpetrator arrives on the scene and reveals that he tricked Brick and stabbed him with a sword – what appeared to be a fatal blow. When Nightwing teleports away, that version of Red X will join the second round with Nightwing.

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With the end of the current Red X story Teen Titans Academy, a new puzzle takes center stage. Brick Pettirosso is something Red X readers have seen over the course of 12 volumes, but after he’s revealed as the villain, the classic Red X returns with a shocking scene. Red X may have been revealed, but the mystery surrounding this character is just beginning to be revealed. Teen Titans Academy #12 from DC Comics is now available at comic book stores.

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