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This article contains spoilers Base Episode 8.

Epic for Apple TV+ Base The show features well-known actors such as T’Nia Miller and newcomers such as Lou Llobell. Hollywood has always been keen on adapting books for the big and small screens, and in the age of franchises, there’s naturally a lot of interest in Isaac Asimov’s sci-fi.However, the general view has been that Base In particular, serial dramas cannot be filmed. It’s a huge series, spanning over a thousand years, and there aren’t too many recurring characters.but game of Thrones The advent of streaming changed the game, so showrunner David Goyer brought Base The vibrancy of Apple TV+.

One of the most surprising plot points in the show Base The first season – completely original and not found in the original – saw the Emperor trying to interfere in the religious affairs of the galaxy. Hari Seldon (Jared Harris) is so frightened that his psychometric predictions predict the rise of a major religious leader who openly opposes the Empire, that he decides to intervene to ensure that the antagonist never rises. It’s at this point that viewers meet Zephyr Halima, a rising star in the Illuminati, one of the greatest religions in the galaxy with some three trillion followers, including the Emperor’s own aide Eta Demerzel .

screen rant An exclusive chat with standout actress T’Nia Miller about the role of Zephyr Halima, focusing on the role of Base Episode 8.She discusses her experience filming the show and her relationships with the other cast and crew; plus she hints at whether she’d be interested in landing a role on the BBC show doctor whowhich fans are eagerly calling for.

Screen Rant: What attracted you to the role of Zephyr Halima?

T’Nia Miller: First of all, I think she’s really good, and I don’t want to play any good guys anymore – I played the character in a horror show and she was pretty good, and I loved playing her, but I started getting All these invitations from nice people, I was like, “Nononononono.”

Anyway, I’m having a blast with David [Goyer] He spoke to me about who she really is, and we talked about everything, not just the show, but our own philosophies and spiritual beliefs, and I just wanted to work with this man.

I’m so grateful to David Universe for taking the time to talk to me because I had a great time and I made lifelong friends, like you do on most shows. I mean, it was really cool, it was a learning journey as an actor doing this show, so there were a lot of things that caught my attention. She was badass when he explained that she wasn’t as nice as I first thought.

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She has claws, doesn’t she?

T’Nia Miller: Of course she does! She won’t hold back from anyone, will she? She said, “These are my beliefs,” and she stood by them.

so how do you prepare Base? Some actors have read the original work, while others prefer to focus on the script. What approach did you take?

T’Nia Miller: I didn’t read the book – still haven’t read the book! We share some of the same ideologies, so it’s not too far-fetched.

The name of my company is Hair of the Dog, you know Underdog, I believe that’s what she’s really fighting for. It gives voice to the weak. So, actually, that’s not too far off in terms of her political, spiritual beliefs and views. Know when to yell and when not to yell. So, actually it’s not too far from my own point of view.

I’ve always felt that every character has their own core idea, and that’s what drives them the most. What do you think is the core of the character Zephyr Halima?

T’Nia Miller: She saw something very wrong with the way things were and she wanted to give this little man a voice. She had this great gift of a mother, a maiden, an old woman, this beautiful thing that saved her life, and she saw that this was the thing that gave off light. Like most people, I think if there’s something happy about it… you know, if you see a beautiful view, you turn around and show it to someone else, right? It’s simple, but that’s Zephyr Halima, and it wants to share that joy because it works. That’s what really drives her forward. This is about changing the status quo because the system no longer serves anyone, it doesn’t work.

Sadly continuing on to episode 8 with the death of Zephyr Halima, which I thought was such a powerful and emotional moment. We only know a little bit about her, but that scene was filled with emotion. What was it like filming that scene?

T’Nia Miller: This is going to sound weird, it’s a love scene. It felt like a love scene. You feel … actually maternal too, in a way, “Well, this is the ultimate test of faith.” You know, this is the person … it’s too late for her, she’s very Quickly understood, “Well, this is the end for me. But it’s not the end for you, Demerzel, it’s the beginning for you, and you can change temporary things.”

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Even then, she was still serving. She became very motherly to her, and she was like, “Come on, come on, remember your script. Remember your prayers, remember your faith, it’s okay.” For her, being in this field has been It’s too late, but “I relieved you of your guilt so you can continue to thrive, you can actually grow,” is such a powerful scene.

One of the most shocking moments for me was when Zephyr Halima declared that the person commanding Denmerzir (Laura Byrne) had no soul. This is a very powerful statement. What do you think she was thinking at that moment?

T’Nia Miller: Yeah, she said, “The guy who forces you to do that – he’s a soulless guy.” I think it’s just holding up a mirror and letting her see what they’re doing, look at you Where. Consider your options, it has nothing to do with him. It’s all about empire, not “I want to empower you.”

You see this effect in Demerzel when she speaks to the Emperor and makes a scathing comment about how empty a man would be who never had vision.

Tinia Miller: Oh! beautiful. It was a beautiful moment. But you know, to me, I think he has a soul. I think he has a soul. I think this is the beginning of his discovery of the soul. Although he is a clone. Come on, he has to have a soul, right?

One of the most striking things about the death scene is the calmness with which Zephyr Halima dies. What do you think gave her this peace?

T’Nia Miller: She said, “This is not how I end up.” T’Nia believes that as humans, we sometimes see the world through a glass that is half empty rather than half full, T’Nia believes.

The biggest lie we tell ourselves is that we have control. We cannot control everything. once. correct? This is the biggest lie we tell ourselves, we have to do this, we shouldn’t do this, it makes no difference. We can’t control it. All we can do is be here now and that’s it, we can make plans but don’t get hung up on those plans. I think that’s how she finds peace because it’s just a small part of the journey of, okay, what’s next?

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She is ready for the next step.

Tinia Miller: Yes. She’s been there her whole life. And not living in the future, this is my next step. I thought it was a surprise – okay, I’m dying now? – This is what’s happening, okay, this is what’s happening. I think I’m going to shit on myself. Even with all my philosophical ideologies, I would shit myself. “It doesn’t hurt, does it?”

You are part of an amazing cast Base, the talent is so profound. Would you like to have the opportunity to work with other actors?

T’Nia Miller: Oh, Clark Peters. Because I worked with him on my last project and I really enjoyed working with that guy. Oh what a lot of fun. Of course, off screen, we’re all quarantined, I was quarantined for two weeks on the trip to Malta, I met the kids – Lou Llobell, Leah Harvey, Cassian Bilton, we all hung out, we all For meals, we have about 300 people, cast and crew, and a huge bubble of production companies, and every night there’s bingo or quiz night or parties, and I’m making drinks, so there’s a lot of work and fun happening.

So I’ve never worked with kids, but would love to work with those cats.Of course, it’s been great working with Matt [Gavan] and laura [Bern], but I’d love to work with them too.and nicole [Kollars]and Pravesh [Rana], oh! Beautiful people, they really are.

This is a pretty astounding cast indeed.

Tinia Miller: I know! Did you know that this was Lou’s first job? Lue and Kassian, this is their first job. They are crushing it! I feel like a proud mom.

Looking ahead, there is a lot of speculation doctor who Fan Group – Your name is always mentioned. Would you be interested in playing the Doctor?

T’Nia Miller: I might be, I very much might be. I mean, Russell T. Davis, I actually have to give Russell a call, Russell is back, isn’t he? If Russell said to me, “T’Nia, do a line,” I’d be like, “Okay, Russell,” so… wouldn’t that be fun? become a doctor? It’s going to be fun.

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