Toy Story: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Woody As A Character

Earlier this month, Disney announced a toy story 2– Theme restaurants are coming to Disney World’s Hollywood Studios. All Ears, called Roundup Rodeo BBQ, notes that the design will make humans the size of a toy and everything else on a larger scale — like toys in Toy Story.

Woody’s Roundup Gang becomes close in the second film, and they become part of Andy’s (and later Bonnie’s) tribe throughout the series. The natural-born leader of the group, Woody is the face of the series. While fans are waiting for new works Toy Story restaurants and review all four films, and they create memes to honor their favorite characters.

Listen to Woody, Buzz!

Woody and Buzz have one of the best friendships in the series, but not always. Toy StoryAfterwards, Woody is jealous of Andy’s feelings for Buzz and doesn’t give him a chance. Buzz doesn’t care whether Woody accepts him or not, but he doesn’t deserve to be hated.

It took a while, but the two succeeded when Buzz realized that he was actually a toy and not an actual Space Ranger. Like a meme, no matter how often Woody tells Buzz he’s a toy, Buzz ignores and dismisses him. It wasn’t until he saw his advertisement that he realized the truth.

wood envy buzz

It’s only a matter of time before this meme achieves its purpose Toy Story universe. Woody is one of Andy’s favorite toys. He takes Woody everywhere, sleeps with him – dreams of one day being a cowboy like him. When Andy gets the talent of space ranger Buzz, everything changes.

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Woody is currently second. Andy wants that flashy new toy, not his old one. Back then, being a space ranger was more fun than being a cowboy. Woody and Buzz have a strange adventure before they fall in love.

Woody cares more about Andy than Bonnie

​ ​Toy Story 3 Would be the perfect ending to the franchise, but alas, toy story 4 It came out nine years later. At the end of season three, Andy goes to college and gives his beloved toys to a sweet little girl named Bonnie.

Although Andy wants to send Woody to college, he sees how much Bonnie wants him. He assured Bonnie that Woody would always be with her. Ironically, this is the opposite of what happened in the fourth movie. When Woody finds Bo after many years apart, he chooses a life of running away with her instead of watching Bonnie grow up.

Woody is not a good liar

Like a meme, Woody sometimes tries to appear innocent when it’s obvious he’s lying or covering something up. Whether it’s hiding the fact that he pushed Buzz out of the window in the first movie, Andy’s mom going to buy and sell garages in season two, or maybe moving into the attic in season three, Woody had better tell the truth.

As the sheriff, it’s his duty to be honest with his toy family. Lying or covering up the truth will only get him in trouble, not save him.

Woody vs Chachi

While this meme mocks Woody’s discovery child’s play Chucky is in Andy’s room, and it would be more realistic if Woody found the Chucky doll in Sid’s bedroom.

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Sid only appears once Toy Story universe, but his presence was enough to stay with fans. He is portrayed as an evil child, but in a grand scheme many people think he is just lonely. Instead of playing with toys like Andy, he destroys them. Bedroom with haunting toys like Chucky Orbit Sid and his creepy masochistic toys.

Woody loves Beau more than Bonnie

Once the fans realized toy story 4 Focusing on the once beloved character, everyone wants to know more about Bo Peep. As the old toy of Molly and Woody’s ex, the audience wondered what happened to her in the second and third movies. toy story 4It was discovered that she was gifted, living a life with free toys.

This meme summarizes Woody’s character as he’s still in love with Beau after all these years. He tries to be serious with her in order to complete his quest to find Forky, but in the end, he can’t keep his cool around her and ends up choosing her over Bonnie.

wooden love for andy

This meme summarizes Woody’s personality as he basks in happiness whenever a loved one like Andy hugs him. Although Buzz kissing his cheek was a surprise to Woody, he didn’t mind the sentiment – it showed his friend’s kindness and appreciation.

Woody is Buzz’s best friend but isn’t the most affectionate in public, so when Buzz’s memories are erased by the villain Lots-O, Woody is stunned when Buzz kisses him on the cheek as a newbie. “friend”.

Xinbo doesn’t need Woody

many people think toy story 4 Shouldn’t have done it because the third season ended so perfectly. However, what makes toy story 4 Bo’s presence is very unique. While fans initially thought that the plot was actually Woody chasing Forky back to Bonnie, things changed when Woody met Bo. While he was very willing to get back together with Bonnie and her family, everything changed when Beau showed him that he could live with her.

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Bo is a free toy that doesn’t need an owner like Andy or Bonnie, it can live as it pleases. Woody is intrigued by Beau’s life, but he’s also scared. As the meme shows, Bo’s freedom scares Woody, but that’s exactly what he needs.

Toy Story 3 is an emotional journey

Woody is as excited as the audience Toy Story 3. In the third season, Woody et al. Leaving Andy for a fresh start at daycare. Next is an adventure with an evil teddy bear that escapes from the nursery and is given to another little girl by Andy himself.

The most emotional scene is when the toy almost dies in the garbage compactor. There were a lot of tears watching this movie, especially when Andy finally said goodbye to Woody and handed the uncle over to his new owner, Bonnie.

Come here, Buster!

at the end of the original Toy StoryBuzz and Woody were shocked when Andy received a puppy on Christmas morning. In the second movie, that puppy takes the form of a dachshund named Buster.

While the main point of this meme is that Woody is excited about a cat, so is Buster when it comes to helping him in the second and third movies. Woody is a toy, but Buster understands him and helps Woody execute his plan in the best possible way. Some of Woody’s funniest quotes came out during his interactions with Buster. His friendship with Buster is underrated because of their relationship.

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