RFS – Real Flight Simulator MOD APK (Unlocked Map/Skins) 2.0.4

There are many players who have seriously dreamed of flying their large civil aircraft. Today I will fulfill some of their wishes with the game RFS – Real Flight Simulator. An extremely engaging flight simulation game. Although it has been released for a long time, because there is no large-scale publicity, not many people know about it. But it will definitely give you an incomparable enjoyable experience.

RFS – Real Flight Simulator is inspired by what pilots do to fly planes in the sky. Considered one of the most dangerous and well-trained jobs in the world. Being a pilot in real life is inherently arduous. When you have to fly a huge plane and carry hundreds of passengers. Just keep all those passengers safe. Master the most difficult events. So let us experience how difficult it is to be a pilot in this simulator game.

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The game will take you into a flying world to choose a good pilot. All controls are at your fingertips. You will be the person who directly participates and leads the flight from the starting point to the landing. Every operation will be quite complicated and will take some time to learn thoroughly. But when you have all the factors under control, flying can be fun and exciting for you. The game has been designed so that all elements inside and outside the aircraft are as specific and realistic as possible. The shortened section makes it easier for players to understand.

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First, you can choose a plane for yourself from Real Flight Simulator’s vast collection of planes. But for those new to the game, learn the basics. You then choose the route—the take-off and landing points that the system has arranged for your aircraft. You will be taken to the runway where your plane is waiting. Now you can start the real flight.

RFS . module

easy adjustment

Most flight simulator games. Players will be able to control the aircraft through the pilot’s interior cockpit system. But Real Flight Simulator is a simulation game in which you tune an airplane with all the elements. In the game, you are not the pilot. You will have full control inside and outside the plane. We will perform normal operations during takeoff. Adjust the aircraft so that it is ready to fly. to the allowed speed. Then take off into the air and let the system take care of the rest for you. Finally, tap down and your first flight is done.

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Control the key factors

During takeoff, flight and landing. All you have to do is control the plane’s systems like temperature, pressure, wind power and countless other essentials. Air traffic control plays an extremely important role in the game. They will tell you your location and status. My plane took off safely, do I need to make any adjustments during the flight? And transfer the connection to air traffic control at the next airport you will land. All of the above safety requirements must be met to complete a flight. You are responsible for them.

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RF system apk

People fly

Of course, we are not alone. Accompanying us are all other players. Fly other flights together in different places. Although they fly differently from us, this is a real-time flight system. So whoever is flying with you at that moment means they are experiencing the game at that time. So we can talk to each other. Share your flying experience with others and show off your achievements. Or just know that we are not alone in Real Flight Simulator, as there are hundreds. Thousands of people even fly with us around the world every day.

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With realistic 3D graphics, vivid airplane sounds. With the same city view, it looks beautiful from the outside. Real Flight Simulator is a flight simulator game, it can be said that it is a bit more special than the games of the same type. When you have a different and more unique tuning system. Download RFS – Real Flight Simulator mod now and enjoy flying with everyone.

Download RFS – Real Flight Simulator MOD APK for Android (Unlock Map/Interface)

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