Turning Red: The True Meaning Of Ming’s New Panda Talisman

Warning: This article contains spoilers turn red.

Midea’s cute little digital pet is at turn red Becoming the new amulet of Xiao Ming’s panda soul has great significance for Xiao Ming’s growth and mother’s growth. The digital pet is clearly inspired by the popular 2000s toy, Tamagotchi, which originated in Japan but quickly became popular around the world. First time seeing it clipped to May’s backpack, true 2000s style as they require constant care. turn red It’s a story about growing up. For many children, these digital pets are not only cute and fun, but also a symbol of responsibility and a step toward adulthood.

it was clear from the beginning turn red That said, even though Mei says she’s independent, she’s really caught up in Ming’s mother’s expectations of her. Ming Dynasty, puppet of Lijimiao turn redinitially only tolerated and encouraged May’s completely idiosyncratic behavior, and any departures from family and traditions she opposed. However, at the end turn red, Ming’s amulet necklace is broken and she needs a new one. For this reason, she used Ming’s digital pet, which makes quite a lot of sense besides being a fun gadget.

Ming’s new amulet, Mei’s digital pet toy, actually represents a better relationship between her and her daughter at the end of the film. Ming’s original domineering nature stems from a fear of possibly being estranged from her, since Ming is her biological mother; therefore, she seeks to undermine May’s independence. This manifests in criticizing May’s friends, being overly controlling, and expressing distaste for her daughter’s favorite boy band, 4*Town, as these could drive May away from her. . However, Ming uses the digital pet as her new panda amulet, representing the unification between family tradition and the modern world in which her daughter is finding herself. The digital pet also keeps Ming’s panda “alive” in a sense, rather than stifling it as she has for years.

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Ming, now, really takes care of her raccoon soul and therefore her inner child. She feeds, cares for and nurtures it, instead of fearing and rejecting it because of the scars Mei left on Ming’s little panda when it was young. In addition, the new amulet her daughter gave her shows how the two work to get to know each other better and how they have incorporated different aspects of each in Min’s new amulet. Mei decides to keep her red panda and chooses a different path for herself, much to her mother’s heartache. Two people want different things and see things from different angles. In the end, they both understand that each other’s choices may not be fully understood, but they can still be respected. Min’s new amulet then begins to have a healing effect, as does Min’s new relationship with her daughter, a relationship in which she considers May her own rather than strangling her emotionally. .

Final turn red, Ming relaxes and gives up control of May, mother and daughter try to understand each other instead of clashing. May’s digital pet represents responsibility and maturity, and it continues to help her mother in this way, as Ming learns that she can’t let what happened in her childhood affect her. and May. This cuddly toy not only evokes nostalgia for the 2000s, but it also symbolizes an important development in core relationship dynamics. turn red.

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