US Likely To Launch Digital Visa: How Is E-Visa Different From Normal Visa

Here we will talk about the digital visa because the public is looking for it online. The public is going online to learn more about the digital visa, not just to know how it differs from the e-visa. Therefore, we have brought information about digital visas for our readers in this article. Not only that we will also provide details on how it differs from e-Visa as the public searches about it online. So, keep reading the article.

The US is likely to launch a digital visa

The United States recently announced that it may soon begin issuing digital visas, eliminating the requirement for applicants to stick or stamp their passport pages. Officials, however, further clarified that US digital visas and e-visas are not the same thing, with significant differences in characteristics. The statement came after the US ended a trial program to issue “paperless visas” at its diplomatic office in Dublin.

Digital visa

“We did our first pilot of a small scale paperless visa, which means the visa process is the same, but there’s no physical visa in someone’s passport,” said Julie Stufft, deputy assistant secretary of state for visa services. This is only being tested for the first time, so it will not be implemented in the coming year.” “It will probably take 18 months or more for this to be widely used. However, it is exciting that we have reached this initial stage and had guests coming through this case, with immigrant visas that were not physically contained in the passports.”

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We apply the same visa procedure right down to the paper point, so we don’t call it e-visa (like India does). So the law still requires an interview. You will submit your application using the same procedures and forms if you are applying for the first time,” Stufft said. She continues: “If you are applying for a paperless visa, it will look the same until there is no paper.” This is the primary difference between this visa and an e-visa, such as those issued in India. However, the very fact that individuals can extend their visas electronically means that they can keep their passports. Shipping will be less problematic in this regard. It will simply be advantageous for both us and the candidate,” noted Stufft. Stay tuned for the latest news.

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