Kentucky Family Doesn’t Notice Baby Owl Nesting in Their Living Room’s Christmas Tree for 4 Days

What fun!

Earlier this week, a Kentucky family was surprised to learn that a baby owl had gone unnoticed on the Christmas tree at their home for four days.

Homeowner Michelle White told WDKY that she and her family brought a live tree into their home unaware that the animal was living there, until carpet cleaner Bobby Hayes noticed the animal while he was working in their home.

According to Hayes, who owns Magic Carpet Cleaning, he told the local outlet, “The owl was literally sitting on its lower limb.”

“He crawled further into the tree. It took me a few minutes to even find him,” the worker added.

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Christmas tree in the living room.


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Speaking to WDKY about the bird secretly living in her home, White said, “I was shocked. I was so amazed.”

“I have three dogs,” she added. “We use this room non-stop – we watch TV, the kitchen is here. [There was] no clue.” White said she learned about the bird after Hayes sent her a picture of himself holding the animal.

“I thought he had put a stuffed animal or an ornament in it, so I called him right away. I said, ‘You’re kidding me, aren’t you?’ He said ‘No,'” she recalled.

Hayes eventually released the owl back into the wild, and White told WDKY that she now plans to knit an ornament of the bird to put on her tree.

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