Valheim: How To Craft The Obliterator

*March 13, 2023: Updated for Xbox release to include more related information and links to related tutorials.

player’s walheim There can be problems with items being stuffed in stock with things they don’t want or need anymore. Before the Hearth and Home update, the only thing players could do was destroy items, store them in a stack of chests, or sell them to merchants. There is no way to break these items down into their most basic parts for use elsewhere. Enter Eraser.

Obliterator is one of many improvements walheimupdated fireplace and house. That’s exactly what players need to get rid of old gear—a more eco-friendly option than tossing the aforementioned device into an ocean biome.

First, the Obliterator needs to be crafted. There are several elements needed for this, but the most important is another new addition – Thunderstone.

Materials needed to craft Oblivion in Valheim

It takes 4 materials to craft Obliterator:

  1. Lightning Stone x1
  2. forging x1
  3. iron x8
  4. coin x4

Trader Haldor sells Thunderstone, which can be purchased for 50 gold. To craft the kiln, the player needs 4 Stone, 4 Coal, 10 Wood and 6 Bronze. The remaining materials are 8 Iron and 4 Copper. Iron can be obtained from catacombs in the swamp biome and copper can be found in the dark forest biome. Once the Obliterator is complete, it’s time to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

How to use the Obliterator in Valheim

regular player walheim Surely they have a lot of items that they don’t need or use. The Obliterator breaks down old tools, armor, and even surrounding trash. Players just need to put these items in the Obliterator’s inventory and use it by pulling the lever on the side when needed.

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Remember, if you don’t pull the lever, nothing will happen. After charging for a while, a lightning bolt will hit the device, destroying everything inside.

Players will want to get out of range quickly, as they will take damage if they get too close. Buildings can also take damage, so don’t leave anything important nearby while using the Destroyer.

With this Hearth and Home update, walheim Players will likely spend the next few hours of the game sorting through the mess in their homes. The resources gathered from it certainly do no damage and neither do the destruction animations. Retriever collectors and destruction enthusiasts are sure to welcome Eraser to join them with open arms.

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