Valheim: How To Get A Thunder Stone

*March 13, 2023: Updated for Xbox release to include more related information and links to related tutorials.

thunder stone is walheim This was added in the Hearth & Home update, players who want to get rid of items in their inventory more easily will need to find an item. Hearth & Home Update Adds More New Items adult, Includes new crafting recipes, great building potential, and new creatures to battle. A new place the Vikings can craft is the Obliterator, a device used to destroy all unwanted items.

The Obliterator is a long-needed item adult, Especially before it was introduced, there was no easy way to delete items. Players can only dispose of items they no longer need or want. Obliterator solves this problem. Vikings can craft an Obliterator in their settlement, place all unwanted items in it, and pull the lever. Thor’s lightning will hit the trash can, turning everything to coal. However, before crafting Oblivion, the player needs to obtain the Thunder Stone.

The Thunder Stone is one of the four items required to craft Oblivion. The other three are as follows:

  1. 1 forge
  2. 8 iron
  3. 4 dong

Where to find Thunderstone in Valheim

Thunderstones can be found in the Dark Forest biome, which is also where copper can be mined. Players also need to find the trader NPC Hardo to buy the Thunder Stone for 50 coins. Vikings can collect and hoard more coins from opposite chests by Waalheim Landscape or burial room interior.

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Finding and dealing with Haldor in the Black Forest can be the hardest part of the process, but it doesn’t have to be! Correctly seeding the world in Valheim will make the game’s procedurally generated map easier to navigate. After finding all the materials, the player should return to their smithy to craft the Obliterator.

How to use the Thunder Stone in Valheim

Experienced players may have stocked up on other materials needed to craft the Oblivion, but anyone can go to the swamp biome and mine more iron from the mud scraps. Copper is obtained by putting copper ore in a smelter, which ironically requires coal to heat. All you need to craft an Obliterator is a Thunder Stone.

Although not intended for use as a weapon, the Obliterator can damage players, enemies, and structures if not careful. Vikings should take a few steps back and make sure nothing important is nearby before activating the Obliterator, or they risk being struck by lightning by Thor.

The Obliterator is not a must-have item, but in the end you should find one as soon as possible. Coal is a valuable resource used to fuel smiths and smelters adult, So in the end, getting rid of any unwanted items and turning them into charcoal is a great way to always have fuel on hand, while also saving time and resources.

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