Valheim: How To Get Honey And Farm It

*March 13, 2023: Updated for Xbox release to include more related information and links to related tutorials.

Restores health and stamina, resists poison and frost walheim, the player will need to brew a potion called mead. Mead is a mead often attributed to the Vikings.exist adult, Players can build a honey farm and provide a near-constant source of honey for their pasture. Let’s put honey in walheim Not an easy task. Players need to destroy beehives from inside abandoned houses, but need to be careful not to get poisoned when hit. When they destroy a hive, they are rewarded with some honey and a queen bee, which can be used to start a hive at the player’s base. Honey itself is already useful as a food, but even more useful when it is turned into a honey-based wine.

The player can create a hive for the queen bee at her base to start harvesting honey at home. As they find more hives in the wilderness and collect more queen bees, they can start a honey farm. However, just starting a farm is not enough. If the player wants a constant supply of honey to brew, they also need to make sure to keep the bees happy. Here’s how to walheim Keep the bees happy.

How to Start a Honey Farm in Waalheim

When the player encounters an abandoned house during their exploration, they can hear a faint humming sound coming from within. This is an indication that there is a hive nearby. Players can try to melee the hive, but it’s hard not to get stung by bees. It’s best to try and take it out with a bow. Players are given a bit of honey and possibly a queen bee to fix their troubles.

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After the queen bee falls, the player will unlock the recipe for making the hive. This requires 10 Logs and 1 Queen Bee. The player needs to craft his hive on the workbench and place them in the empty space of the base with at least two meters of space around, just like when planting seeds. It can take some time for more bees to arrive, so players can prioritize other activities in the meantime. Bees usually produce 1 or 2 honey per day as long as there is room.

Each hive can produce up to 4 honey, but this process takes time. Players may want to place multiple hives on their base so that more honey can be harvested at once. They just need to go out into the world and find more active hives. Beehives usually spawn in abandoned houses in the Prairie, Shadow Forest, and Swamp biomes.

The player can build a cauldron and a fermenter to start making mead. They need to mix honey with fruits, vegetables and other consumables, which is then boiled into a drink made from honey. The Mead facility then needs to sit in the fermenter for 2 game days. Each honey base requires about 10 honey, yielding 6 honey.

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