Valheim: How To Get Surtling Cores

*March 13, 2023: Updated for Xbox release to include more related information and links to related tutorials.

internal resources walheim Usually very valuable and requires specific crafting, such as a Surtling Core. These cores are used to craft various items and buildings. The most common reason players want to collect this resource is for important constructions like blast furnaces, smelters, and portals. However, such useful resources are not always easy to find.

Hopefully with a nudge in the right direction, things will become a lot easier. Fortunately, there are many different places that spawn Surtleing Cores for players to find. The most important thing is to use the resource wisely, as it will not respawn once picked up.

Where to find the Surtling Core in Valheim

Sterling Core, sounds like it could be dropped by Sterling. Surterlings are small fire-elemental monsters that throw fireballs at the player and Greydwarves. They are often found wandering around swamp biomes or near geysers of fire or runes. Turtles can be difficult to deal with, but they are also a good source of Coal and Cores if the player lures them into the water.

On the other hand, players can also find Surtling Cores as loot inside random chests in many biomes or hunt in dungeons. If the player wants to find treasure chests at random, the best way is to check inside abandoned buildings. Most dungeon types are found in the Dark Forest biome. This biome contains dungeons such as catacombs and goblin caves. Besides, in the swamp biome, players can also find types of dungeons called crypts.

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Unlike merchants or other landmarks in the game, dungeons will not appear on the player’s map when the player is nearby or has visited the area before. Players should take advantage early when they are weaker but still exploring to expand their neighborhood. If a dungeon is discovered early or just before the player is ready to enter, they can create custom markers on the map for later use.

If the player chooses to go the dungeon route, then they should prepare in advance. Provide beautiful weapons and armor, and can bring a few friends to fight alongside the player. In general, dungeons are very dangerous, with a large number of enemies crammed into the small spaces of the dungeon passages. If the player is lucky, they may even encounter the main group of enemies in that dungeon, possibly Surterlings, which will duplicate their collection in one place.

Using Surtling Core in Valheim

As mentioned earlier, there are some of the following crafting items or stations that players may wish to craft and require a Surtinging Core to complete.

Here are the items needed to craft the Surtling Core:

crafting station

necessary materials

blast furnace

Stone(20), Sturling Core(5), Iron(10), Woodwork(20)


Wood core (1), Ancient bark (5), Wood core (5), Wood core (5),


Rock(20), Surting Core(5)

Web portal

Gray Dwarf Eyes(10), Hosoki(20), Fish Core(2)

smelting furnace

Rock(20), Surting Core(5)

stone furnace

Iron(15), Stone(20), Fish Core(4)


Good Wood (5), Dwarf Gray Eye (5), Fish Core (1)


necessary materials


Copper (2), Underground Core (1), Crystal (1)

embers staff

Yggdrasil Wood (20), Surting Core (4), Refined eitr (16)


Plug 1 Sturling Core into the campfire

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