Valheim: The Best Places To Build A Base

*March 13, 2023: Updated for Xbox release to include more related information and links to related tutorials.

the vikings are going walheim while construction is underway. The most important part of a high utility facility is its location. Let’s say the player wants to perform a smelting operation. In this case, basening on the top of a mountain might not be the best option for transporting all ores, or inland base would require longer journeys with heavy carts if the player want to build their last base. trip.

Building a strong and well-equipped base has never been so easy, and it’s easy to forget the importance of location (especially in more dangerous biomes). This guide will cover the things players should consider before breaking ground and starting to build a new base.

Where to set up your starting grass base in Waalheim

Grass is a great place to build your first base, especially in dedicated servers. You may want to build your base as safely as possible before the first boss battle. However, given the limited number of completions needed to gather the materials for the first pickaxe, it makes more sense to plan ahead and place your base near the Black Forest’s border for more more spoils. The best location is on a meadow, as close to the Black Forest and the sea as possible. Early in the game, a location near the Forest of Shadows would be more ideal than a location near the sea, but once the player starts transporting ore by boat from the mountains or swamps to their grass base, it’s almost certainly they will want a base as close as possible. Move to the ocean to facilitate product delivery.

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Considering the location of the entrance to the metallurgical area and the storage area is the top priority of all bases. There’s nothing worse than having a full inventory and returning to base with a pile of wood and ore, only to find a Viking with a 1000 lb strapped to his belt and only able to run up a slightly higher slope. When considering the main entrance to your base, consider where it’s easiest to pass a truck full of cargo. Search for flat ground in the selected direction of Black Forrest. With all these tricks up, the Meadows base is ready to build! If players are looking for hidden convenience, then you should definitely look for nearby swamps. If the gods of Valhalla give the player an ideal Valheim map seed, they might even be very lucky to have a swamp and Black Forrest biome bordering each other next to some grasslands. !

Where to build a base in any biome in Valheim


While unwise, once a teleport is available, depending on the map seed it might be worth building a swamp base. This will allow the player to smelt the iron without transporting it back to their main base, but will also expose the player to significant dangers during construction. It’s almost always better to base a base in a biome near the swamp to use minimal teleporters in the swamp to craft materials to plant things like Guck and Ancient Bark. Mountain biomes will feature abandoned stone towers and huts at higher elevations (if the biome is large enough), ideal for reclamation. Abandoned buildings tend to grow on flat ground, so they are also good places to build. Assuming iron is present in the biome, mountains near the sea or large rivers are suitable locations for iron mining facilities.

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When considering bases in late game biomes like plains and fog, the most important thing is to place your base near water. At this stage of the game, collecting and transporting ore is one of the most strenuous activities that the player needs to perform. A nearby wide canal or ocean will save the player a lot of trouble. All it takes to kill a dead mosquito is to make a cart roll down a hill. If the player is lucky enough to find the ceremonial site of Argus, the nearby base is not only beautiful but also convenient for farming. Mists currently doesn’t spawn any enemies, making it an ideal place to build a creative base with spooky landscapes.

In short, the best location for any base is flat ground, although almost any area is suitable for sufficient digging. The location near oceans and swamps makes the mid to late game more manageable and should be the first consideration when building a base. Players will inevitably run out of their favorite ores, so easy ore integration is important when considering base positioning. Happy building!

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